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WWE Monday night We’ll be back in our lives tonight (January 25, 2021) from Thunderdome in Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida. Royal rumble Pay-per-view (PPV) is scheduled for next Sunday night at the exact same venue.

Tonight’s promotion: Drew McIntyre has returned from the fight against COVID-19 and sought a confrontation with Goldberg, who is also in the building. Alexa Bliss gets a shot in the Asuka Raw Women’s Championship after defeating her at the show last week. Matt Riddle is running the Hurt Business Gauntlet to win a US title match. even more!

Please come back here at 8 pm (Eastern Time). Living When the show starts in the US, the live blog starts. Here it is below this line. (Note: GIFs and photos are not allowed in the comments section. Violators are prohibited.)

WWE Living January results and live blog. twenty five

I wish I were here. All this white light turns black and no one can see it here. I want to make me do that, shouting, “Stop this annoying mess.” My system keeps wishing. My system may work, but instead, I’m here to live blog this wrestling show for you, people.

The show begins with an intro video.

Drew McIntyre makes the entrance and rides the microphone.

He said he felt good back on Monday night, thanked all the wishes of the WWE Universe, and said he was very lucky with the symptoms of COVID, a little malaise and loss of odor. He is now 100% devoted to the match to everyone who is now dealing with the virus on Sunday. He wouldn’t be reluctant to take Goldberg lightly, he’s an anomaly that came out of nowhere and topped 173-0.

Hulk Hogan, Rock, he ran through like nothing and disappeared for years, but it was their power that went last in the heavyweight division, and Goldberg was the same animal he was in. And he has a new source — all the champions he challenges, he is defeated and on Sunday, Drew intends to end this new streak.

Enter Ms. and John Morrison.

Mizu took over the match as the WWE version of Kong vs. Godzilla (whose honor goes to Andre the Giant vs. Stan Hansen as long as the wrestling match is played), causing anxiety about injury and banking. Cash-in money.

Please enter Goldberg.

He got into Ring and Drew’s face and simply said, “You. I. Sunday. You are next.”

Ms. and Morrison got them into a fight, but they turned around and pulled their heels into the ring! Spear on Mizu! From Claymore to Morrison!

And we go for a break.

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WWE Raw Results Live Blog (January 25, 2021): Royal Rumble go home show WWE Raw Results Live Blog (January 25, 2021): Royal Rumble go home show

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