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After the latest episode of live on Monday night, WWE recorded their latest episode of live story. The show featured Austin Theory’s appearance, The Miz, and Bianca Belair’s visit. check it out:

Raw story (12/6)

Jackie Redmond welcomes everyone to the show and introduces viewers to her co-host, Matt Camp. Jackie and Matt cover some of Raw’s highlights until Jackie throws things at Sarah Schreiber in the arena.


Shortly after his segment with Edge got off to a good start, Mizu joined Sarah Schreiber behind the scenes and he made some comments to RawTalk viewers. Sara starts by asking Mizu about her challenge to the edge. And the first two-time Grand Slam champion in history said: I made them all last longer and became today’s star. Mizu continues, “I’m the biggest star of all. I beat the biggest star. I’m Mizu and I’m great, so I’ll keep doing the same as I do.” Sarah Matts RawTalk And sell it back to Jackie. Matt and Jackie send the show to an advertising break.

** Commercial time **

⁃ On the other side of the break, you’ll see some clips from Rowe until Jackie hands over the reign to Kevin Patrick.

Austin theory

Kevin Patrick joins Austin Theory in the locker room and immediately asks Theory why he attacked Finn Baller at low. Austin explains: There is nothing personal about Finn. He was in the right place at the right time. Kevin follows up by asking Austin about his up-and-coming friendship with Vince McMahon, and Theory tells the viewer, “It’s not your job … but what do we do with this … I Would you like to give you the privilege of taking a selfie with me? “The Austin exit stage leaves and sends RawTalk back to the studio.

** Commercial time **

⁃ Matt summarizes a few more segments from Monday night until Sarah Schreiber is ready for the last guest.

Bianca Belair

Bianca Belair is with Sarah Schreiber asking some questions to the former SmackDown Women’s Champion following a countout victory over the Dow Drop. Sara asks a question and asks her reaction to what happened to Bianca. Belair explains: “Doudrop is always trying to capture something that isn’t his own. Does she go out and make fun of me? Girl uh. The way she did this is very wacky. She’s her ability Are you confident? Why does she keep coming for me? “Sara says Dadrop seems to be” targeting “Berea, and Bianca says,” It’s personal. It’s personal to me. What opportunity does she have other than trying to attack? She’s focused on what’s wrong, but since she started it, I’m going to finish it. “Bianca Going forward, the show will finally head back to WWE Global Headquarters.

⁃ Matt and Jackie will share their final thoughts live on Monday night until the end of the show.

That’s all for this week. RawTalkRecap! Thank you for stopping by and everyone having a great night!

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WWE Raw Talk Recap (12/6): Bianca Belair, Austin Theory, More WWE Raw Talk Recap (12/6): Bianca Belair, Austin Theory, More

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