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Lars Sullivan said Fight full select After his release, he claimed to have told WWE last year that “wrestling was over” after tackling mental health issues. He dealt with difficulties such as last year’s anxiety and the death of his father, struggled to eat behind the scenes at Raws and Smackdowns, and described him as “my own worst enemy.”

He accused himself of “stupidity” and “selfish behavior” for hurting his chances of success at WWE. He said he enjoyed the infamous Michael Cole shirtless promotion, as Creative said. Behind the scenes, Cole’s interview was considered a “burial.”

Lars Sullivan seemed to be the splendor of WWE’s main impetus in a discussion of WrestleMania’s major matches in 2019, and he looked up the name of the big WWE.

Just recently in October, Sullivan dominated Jeff Hardy in SmackDown. The infamous Michael Cole interview was Sullivan’s last WWE appearance and aired in the November 6th episode of SmackDown. Lars talked to Cole about being bullied for the rest of his life and was breathing hard during the interview, which was what the producer wanted of him, not his own creative decision.

After his series of returns, Sullivan had just dominated Matt Riddle and The Miz, but was creatively reported to have “no plans”.

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WWE reveals “enemy” after Lars Sullivan fires WWE reveals “enemy” after Lars Sullivan fires

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