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Velveteen Dream returned to NXT last August, but several fans were upset by a pedophile allegation during the #SpeakingOut exercise.Triple H said WWE found no evidence To prove the allegations against him during the investigation. #FireVelveteenDream also played a round on Twitter last year. Velveteen Dream hasn’t been seen on WWE TV for months. He was accused of inappropriate messages with a minor man, but denied any allegations.

However, it seems that an interesting development has been made recently.According to Dave Meltzer F4W Online, Velveteen Dream appeared behind the scenes of RAW this Monday night. It’s unclear why he was there, but he could set up Velveteen Dream to make his main roster debut in the future.

Velveteen Dream is behind the scenes of Raw. I don’t know if he’s there for the show, but he’s not lately.

Velveteen Dream hasn’t been televised on NXT since losing to Adam Cole on December 23, 2020. In fact, Dream lost the last four games with the Black and Gold brands. Triple H also said on the allegations:

“There’s really nothing to add in Velveteen Dream. We’ve exceeded that millions of times. Status Updates-he’s still training.

“He had a little bit of physical stuff here, but he’s still there, still with us, still on the PC, still training, and still on the roster.”

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WWE Revives Stars After Accusation of “Pedophilia” WWE Revives Stars After Accusation of “Pedophilia”

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