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Live from ThunderDome!


There are not many announcements of the blue brand Royal rumble Let’s go to the home show and talk about the members of the SmackDown roster who speculate that many can beat the rumble itself … Intercontinental champion Big E.

The only New Day member on Friday night has a variety of signals. Paul Heyman hype him on Talking Smack and at the same time encourages the Apollo crew to beat him. The tribal chief’s special counsel’s interest is undoubtedly that E appears to be included in the mix of shots at Roman Reigns somewhere on the line.why Wrestlemania 37??

Well, for one reason E himself hinted He wants to “win” such a spot with the support of fans similar to Daniel Bryan’s 2014 or two years ago when Kofi Kingston took him to the match. .. The Big E is a popular figure, but I don’t know if it’s still there. As he himself said, it’s really hard to say without a living crowd.

If the current rivalry with the crew and Sami Zain goes further, Sunday’s rumble may feel like a good time to make E the main eventer for enthusiasts. But I don’t know if there is still momentum, except that Hayman tells us how great he is. His reign is only one month, and he hasn’t spent the exact month clearing the division. Last week’s defense against Apollo, which was disqualified when Zayn attacked both men, almost summarizes Large Epsilon’s second IC title run.

The story of E’s Rumble is also less convincing, especially when compared to Daniel Bryan and Edge’s story “This may be my last chance.” At this point, signature performance will not only almost beat E, but will also help. Sustain him for more than 30 minutes and eliminate many guys before Sami secretly sends him through the top rope.

That’s not to say he’s out of the Tampa blue belt mix coming in April. Especially if it’s not the conspiracy-oriented Zayn that drives him out of the rumble, but the crew inspired by Hayman. What if Paul and Roman’s thoughts about E move from Talking Smack to SmackDown? That’s a YES movement or Koffimania-inspired story that could push E into the main event.

After working to make sure he can’t beat Rumble, the head of the table pulls a string to keep the Big E away from him. Their betrayal could sacrifice him his current title. Enter the crew and Jey Uso and stack the decks in the Elimination Chamber, making E even bigger to climb. Hell, maybe this happened after Brian was taken out by the Roman crew, and former Langston was the last hope for SmackDown’s Baby Face to stop his reign.

It’s a great story that makes E a bigger star than a rather surprising rumble victory.

But that’s probably the kind of thing a fantasy booking preview writer has to do when nothing has been announced in advance for the show.

Title scene

The closest to the announced segment is Universal Championship And Kevin Owens, the man he faces in the last man standing match at PPV on Sunday. KO sneaked into Tropicana Field last Friday and saved Adam Pearce from the setup and pop-up Powerbomb Roman through the announcement table. Tonight, we’ll look at how each person reacts when they make a “last stand.”

In exchange for a shot at her impressive acrobatic sommelier Reginald, Sasha Banks Give Carmella another shot so SmackDown Women’s Championship, correct?That was my understanding, and I thought it would happen in Royal rumble January 31st. But it’s not listed on the Sunday card yet … [shrug emoji]

When not used as a highly welcomed Brian / Cesaro rival feed SmackDown Tag Team Title Holder Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler appear to be lobbying Dolph’s old friend Daria Berenato to prevent the Street Profits from rematching the belt.

They are probably too focused on themselves Rematch with Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler on Sunday, But WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion Charlotte Flair & Asuka may appear smack down tonight. They won here last Friday after Ruby Riot pinned the Raw Women’s champion, after the kind and well-meaning Billie Kay accidentally distracted the referee.Hopefully Riot and Liv Morgan will be embarrassed, with or without their Majesties the Empress. The horrifying way they dealt with Billy..

Other things to keep an eye on

-Bianca Belair is serious about it Carry Otis Defeated Bailey during her obstacle race and then inspired us with her story Captured in Chronicle.. The EST can now repay the role model for post-loss attacks.

-He gained momentum and suddenly turned to face, but it’s still unclear if WWE will follow Shinsuke Nakamura’s impressive gauntlet run for a few weeks to beat Uso.

-We Still waiting To see who Rey Mysterio brings as a backup to King Corbyn. Dominique proved last week that he couldn’t handle Corbyn himself.

–There is Many spots open In both Sunday’s rumble matches, there are still only five officially announced matches on the card.

that is Royal rumble Let’s go to the home show!

What to look for smack down tonight?

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WWE SmackDown Preview (January 29, 2021): More Seasonings WWE SmackDown Preview (January 29, 2021): More Seasonings

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