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WWE SmackDown Results
January 22, 2021

Universal Championship Roman reign As always, I started the show in a ring with Paul Heyman. He wasn’t happy that Adam Pearce had Kevin Owens sneak into another title shot at Royal Rumble. He claimed that he had a backache in carrying the entire company, throwing his piercings in the trash because he got out of the game because of an “injury.”

Earrings came out to confront the champion. Raines argued that if he was the one who complained about minor injuries, it wouldn’t be a big surprise that he never reached WWE as a wrestler. Hayman began to laugh, and Pierce snapped to him, shouting that he had no problem returning to the World Champion, but Paul didn’t have to feel sad. After more trash discussions between the two, Hayman challenged Adam Pearce to a match at the SmackDown main event, which Pearce accepted. What could go wrong?

* * *

Sami Zain came down to the ringside with the documentary crew and handcuffed one of the barricades. He loudly complained about the double standard caught in “cheating” last week, but no one saw it when the Apollo crew did it. Sami often went into the broadcast and stayed there uncomfortable.

Asuka & Charlotte Flairdef. Ruby Riot & Liv Morgan. Since coming to SmackDown, Billie Kay has often been trying to find the right person on the roster, at the expense of everyone she tries to help.This week, Riott Squad seemed to win the match with the visual pin turned on. Asuka, But ref was too busy dealing with Billy to do his job.

Behind the scenes, Billie Kay tried to apologize to Riot Squad and said he had booked both at Royal Rumble to make up for it. They rejected the idea that Billy would partner with them.

* * *

Daniel Bryan came to talk about why he wanted to win the Royal Rumble. This is one of the few praises he has never achieved. Cesaro came out and boasted that he could speak five languages ​​as he used to. Brian demanded a rematch, but Cesarro refused because he proved himself to everyone.But he challenged someone else behind the scenes did not do it I won last week. Input: Dolph Ziggler.

Cesaro Defdorf Dolph Ziggler. Cesaro has an even stronger and cleaner victory over his top name (not to mention the current champion). Daniel Bryan explained this.

Sasha Banks def. Reginald. In just intonation, Reginald is Carmella’s personal sommelier and assistant. He spent most of his time trying not to get caught by the boss. The bank caught him in Meteora, talked to Carmella and trash outside the ring, and slammed the champane from her hand. The bank hit another Meteora and beat the bank statement to win.

Behind the scenes, Paul Heyman bragged about the envisioned master plan Roman reign Must have for Adam Pearce tonight. Rains said he had no plans and told Paul to go out and work like a man. Paul suddenly realized how much trouble he had.

The Intercontinental Championship Big E (c) vs. Apollo Crew ended in a no contest. Sami Zain, who had been handcuffed to the barricade all the time, was finally released and attacked both men at the climax of the match. He shook with Helluva Kicks and left with the documentary crew.

Behind the scenes, The Street Profits handed Sonya Devil a fruit basket and asked for a match for the SmackDown Tag Team title. Devil denied their request, but said he would talk about it again when Montez Ford recovered.

* * *

Bailey Bianca Belair participated in an obstacle race hosted by Michael Cole. Does anyone else have a NXT Season 1 flashback?

BaileyThe course was much easier. She had to jump over some very small hurdles, shoot basketball through the hoops, and do some other shenanigans.Bianca Belair then went on a much more difficult course, destroying Otis on his shoulder. Baileytime of.

Bailey Of course, the winner was poor, jumping and attacking Bianca and dropping a basketball hoop over her.

King Corbin def. Dominik Mysterio. understood. It’s a simple match. Corbyn blocked 619 and hit the last days to win. Rey Mysterio was on the ringside.

Adam Pearce was the first to appear in the main event. Paul Heyman continued taping his wrist before claiming to be injured. Roman reignHe should have left the arena early in the night, ran down the ring and dropped his piercings with a Superman punch. He also defeated piercings throughout the arena until Kevin Owens, who was not supposed to be in the building, rescued him.

Owens dropped his reign in Stanner before officials came out to get in between them. Owens repelled them all, gave them a second shock, and then passed Rains through the announcement table with a pop-up power bomb.

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WWE SmackDown Video: Owens faints tribal chief, obstacle race, Cesaro wins again, post-match interview WWE SmackDown Video: Owens faints tribal chief, obstacle race, Cesaro wins again, post-match interview

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