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NXT star Jake Atlas recently remembered Stephanie McMahon for the first time and how he opened her heart to her.

The latest episode of WWE’s The Bump revolves around Pride Moon and WWE Stars, which bring perspective to the LGBTQ + community.

Before becoming WWE Star Jake Atlas was first featured in a special edition of Celebrity Undercover Boss with Stephanie. In this edition, Atlas bravely revealed that he wants to be the first openly gay WWE champion. Batista’s bold message leaks to WWE Diva

Jake Atlas talks about Stephanie McMahon

In an interview, Atlas looked back at the moment and the significant impact it had on his career.

“Before I met Stephanie, I wasn’t an” out “performer. It was in a way very good and helpful to meet Stephanie in secret and didn’t know she was Stephanie, “Atlas said with a loud laugh.” If you knew Stephanie, you could talk to her. I don’t know if it was possible. “

He added:

“Meet Stephanie and come out to her … I mean, I came out to one of the most powerful wrestling guys. [After filming] I was messed up and crying. She hugged me. But let me tell you a little bit and if I could have this conversation and be open and honest with one of the most powerful people in the world of professional wrestling, I would say I could do whatever I decided to do. I did. I can be honest, open-minded and successful. Thank you for that opportunity. “

Last week NXT’s Atlas defeated LA Knight after being distracted by Ted Divias and Cameron Grimes.

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WWE Star “Coming Out” to Stephanie McMahon WWE Star “Coming Out” to Stephanie McMahon

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