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Some places do power rankings. Here at Cageside, we are creating an inventory report.

This weekly series identifies three rising superstars (or a group of superstars) and three moving in the opposite direction.After a busy week with Bobby Lashley destroying Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander in a handicap match, Natalia Surgery for Ankle injuryAnd with Mansour’s first partnership with Mustafa Ali, many fate changed.

With that in mind, let’s see who has the most inventory this week.

Stock Up # 3: Damian Priest & Shinsuke Nakamura

This week, Priest and Nakamura have pinned midcard champions for their respective brands.The priest took out Sheamus in a singles match Raw (((July 26) Win future matches in the US Championship.Nakamura pinned Apollo crew smack down (((July 30) You could be at the forefront of the title battle in a six-man tag team match full of wrestlers aiming for the Intercontinental Championship.

Inventory # 2: Reggie

Fresh off win 24/7 Championship, WWE Stronger focus At Reginald.Now go by the name Reggie and he Not french, He defends Jobbar Gold in a real match Raw When smack down And get Flashy entrance According to that. So far, only 24/7 titles can be reached, but this is the kind of showcase Reggie needs so far and can lead him to something bigger in the future. can.

Stock # 1: Sasha Banks & Bianca Belair

NS smack down Now that Bailey has been pushed aside by a long-term injury, the women’s roster is in a rough shape. Carmela failed twice in a recent championship match, leaving no reliable opponent on the roster to challenge Bian Caberial next.

Sasha Banks changed last night Came back With WWE Turned her back At Belair in the main event segment. Belair is now obvious Summer slam Challenger, and Sasha, quickly returned to the top of the promotion.

Let’s see who’s inventory has dropped the most this week.

Stock Down # 3: Finn Bálor

WWE is heavy Made fun of Baller was scheduled to play Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. Summer slam..Instead, Finn was attacked by Baron Corbyn during the deal and Babyface John Cena. Stall By signing his name on Finn’s contract, the titles match. Cena proved that his Titantron word “EARN IT” was hypocritical.This is Bálor now Demoted In a match with Corbyn and look outside Summer slam..

If the part-timer is gone, Bálor could be in the next row of the September Universal Title Match. But this angle was a misfire, and Finn looked like a pushover due to the whims of Corbyn and Senna.

Stock Down # 2: Keithree

Did not include Keith Lee Last week Stockdown column despite him Biased Lost just because of the fact that he was Finally returned On WWE TV, that was a good sign for him.He fought Karrion Kross this week Raw In a match where both guys needed quite a bit to win given them terrible Reservation for the previous week.cross won The match after forcing Lee to tap out.

Lee hasn’t looked good in either match since returning to WWE, and some fans speculate that he’s trying. Conformity Vince McMahon’s idea of ​​how a big man should work, not himself. Whatever the explanation, the endless man apparently hasn’t received the same push he had at WWE before his long absence, and his work in the ring doesn’t force the problem.Probably Lee Tell us more About his situation for the next week or two.

Stock Down # 1: Nikki Ash

Nikki lost an untitled match against Charlotte Flair Raw.. After the match Raw The women’s champion picked up Mike and said, “I told myself I should have almost won.”

This should fit Nikki’s “almost superhero” chic, but phrasing makes her sound like an injustice champion. Champions should always expect to win. Because they think they are the best that the roster offers. Instead, when the champion is proud to prove that he can compete with the Challenger, it tells the world: She is pretending And you probably won’t hold that title for a long time.

Flair laid out ASH after the promotion and actually confessed the idea that Nikki wasn’t at her level.

There, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think has changed the most this week?

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WWE Stock Report: Keith Lee isn’t unlimited on the main roster WWE Stock Report: Keith Lee isn’t unlimited on the main roster

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