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Some places do power rankings. Here at Cageside, we are creating an inventory report.

This weekly series identifies three rising superstars (or a group of superstars) and three moving in the opposite direction.After a busy week included Hell in cell 2021 And all that fallout, many fate has changed.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the person with the lowest inventory this week.

Stockdown # 3: Shayna Baszler

Sheena Basler lost Voodoo hypnosis Alexa Bliss at Hell in a cell.. Next night (June 21) On Living, Basler was unable to qualify for Money in the Bank after being pinned to Nikki Cross.

Stockdown # 2: Drew McIntyre

One of the reasons Drew McIntyre lost to Bobby Lashley Wrestlemania 37 He was distracted by the MVP. McIntyre vowed not to let it happen again.Well, it happened again in Hell in cell 2021, McIntyre loses Wind up Thanks to MVP. As a result, Drew will never be able to challenge Rashley for the WWE Championship.

Drew is currently out watching a money in the bank ladder match. Lose Qualifier for mat Riddle Living..

Stock Down # 1: Eva Marie & Dadrop

Yes, the name of Piper Niven on the main list is really This is Doudrop..It’s not the worst scenario, as the name was chosen by Eva in Kayfabe, and Her partner I’m not happy with that idea. However, Doudrop is turned off by that name, so she already seems to be turning her back on Eva, and Eva Marie is pinned in the second week. Living.. Just like that, the partnership between Eva and Dadrop seems to be off track soon. Currently, Eva claims the match is fraudulent on Twitter and she is still undefeated.

This whole angle is as strange as hell, it doesn’t seem to be Save Women’s pro wrestling.

Let’s see who’s inventory has increased the most this week.

Stock # 3: Nikki Cross

Nikki Cross Appearance of new superhero.. There is a lot of variability in what this new gimmick will do for her, but at least in the short term, there should be more TV time, including participation in Money in the Bank qualifying matches. Best of all, Cross can throw away the very inappropriate theme music it’s been using since last fall.

Stock # 2: Big E

Big E is stuck In limbo For a while, but this week (June 25)win smack down Beyond the Apollo crew, he is now an official participant in Bank Ladder Match Men’s Money.Not only that, but from all the wrestlers Currently certified In a ladder match, the Big E is right there and Riddle is a favorite to win everything.

Stock # 1: Edge & Seth Rollins

I’m putting them together because they both have big weeks and their destiny seems to be intertwined.In the case of Rollins, he defeated Sesaro in Hell in a cell He declared that he would be in the next line of the Universal Championship match against Roman Reigns. Next, I created an edge. Surprise return At the end of smack down He took out Joe Anoai and Jimmy Uso and proved that he was the greatest threat to the current tribal chief.

Edge and Rollins struggle with their desire to eventually become the Universal Championship.Edge officially nominated as a Roman challenger Bank moneyOne of the obvious stories to say is that Rollins ruined Edge’s championship match, rumor Edge vs Rollins match Summer slam.. See how it works.

There, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think has changed the most this week?

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WWE Stock Report: What is this Eva Marie / Daddle Angle for sure? WWE Stock Report: What is this Eva Marie / Daddle Angle for sure?

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