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Some places do power rankings. Here at Cageside, we are creating an inventory report.

This weekly series identifies three rising superstars (or a group of superstars) and three moving in the opposite direction.After a busy week including Drew McIntyre Intimidation Ginder Mahal with a sword, Roman Reigns and Usos taking out Finn Baller and others awkward Goldberg promotion, many fate changes.

With that in mind, let’s see who has the most inventory this week.

Stock # 3: Rhea Ripley

WWE finally turned on Rhea Ripley and did something right Raw this week (August 2) When she was presented as a clear baby face for a match with Near Jacks. Rhea hasn’t had a clear baby face or heels in recent months, and she never intended to get over if things went along that path.

It would have been better for Ripley to beat Jacks with a convincing move rather than a roll-up, but she then hit her with a riptide.

Stock Up # 2: Damian Priest

It often seems like Raw Is short of talent. In other words, someone on the roster has a double obligation to help fill out the three hours. Damian Priest and John Morrison are wrestlers who have played in multiple games in this week’s episode, and both games ended in the same way-the priest pinned Johnny Drip Drip. It feels like it’s only a matter of time before the priest defeats Sheamus in the US Championships.

Stock # 1: Omos

Braun Strowman and his needers Big fat Can a contract pay Omos much less money to use a similar gimmick instead when you have?

Omogbehin is in the early stages of a monster heel push, he can’t stop and easily destroys the person standing in front of him.This week’s unlucky opponent mat Riddle who got something recently Approval From John Cena Raw.. It obviously doesn’t make much sense, as Riddle was still given to Omos like Jabroni. When Vince McMahon is a booker, it’s good to be a very tall man.

Let’s see who’s inventory has dropped the most this week.

Stockdown # 3: Eva Marie & Doudrop

This has been done for long enough and I feel that the whole thing is pretty purposeless.Dadrop lost two games in a row Raw, And they are now Stupid doll.. It doesn’t help that Eva Marie can’t really do anything in the ring. Eva-lution can give off a little spark. Perhaps Eva will eventually turn things around by adding Sunray to go with her Dadrop.

Stockdown # 2: Karrion Kross

Karrion Kross Lost again on Raw This week, and now I have a record of losing on the main roster.His struggle Raw Weaken him from now on NXT Championship with Samoa Joe at Main Event Takeover 36 August 22nd.Given these and recent results rumor, Kross is probably the one who should fall and pray for a better booking.

Stockdown # 1: Randy Orton, Asuka, New Day

Randy Orton, Asuka, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods are not participating Raw TV since Bank money..For Orton, it returns even more Than that.

Kingston and Woods are still working on a dark match and are doing a house show.WWE Creative seems to have nothing for them on TV since Kingston was there Thinning out Bobby Lashley Bank money..

Nothing is said about what is happening in Asuka.She helped carry Raw During the empty arena era, but now it’s a non-factor in the return of live fans.

As for Randy, he was reported to have been transferred to WWE Inactive / disabled I’ll list it a few weeks ago.this week’s Raw Would have been Ideal time To come back and prevent his RK-BRO partner from being wiped out by Omos.Orton was even Promotion Because of the show, but he never appeared.

There are only two episodes Raw Left up to Summer slam, This is one of WWE’s biggest events of the year. The clocks of these wrestlers making the cards are out.

There, Cagesiders. Whose stock do you think has changed the most this week?

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WWE Stock Report: Where is Asuka? WWE Stock Report: Where is Asuka?

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