WWE Supercard Season 7 Announces New Wargame Event

War gameAn exciting new solo event will arrive tomorrow, December 3rd. WWE Super Card, Cat Daddy Games trading card game. War game Available as a free downloadable update from the Apple App Store for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad. Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore *; and Facebook games for Android devices.

War game Challenge players to fight for control in 3 rings and 3 rounds. Each ring has a random matchup type to test the player’s decking skills. Player cards and AI cards fight for control of the ring, and the losing card is KO’d. When the dust settles down, the person with the most cards in the ring gets points, and the player with the most points at the end of the third round wins.

Designed using the basic principles behind the Road to Glory and Ring Domination events. War game You can play at your own pace and have the opportunity to receive regular rewards as you progress.all War game The event runs over several days and has an event card in the top slot.

War game A huge crab monster will also appear. What does that mean? Players have to see for themselves!

As a bonus to celebrate the release of War game, Players can get free packs at WWE Super Card In the in-game store, you will be logged in between Thursday, December 3rd, 8pm (Greenwich Mean Time) and Thursday, December 10th, 8pm, Greenwich Mean Time. This pack contains Adam Cole’s “Cataclysm” card, WarGames cardback, 1,000 super coins, and 25 draft topics. **

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WWE Supercard Season 7 Introduces New Wargames Event

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