WWE Undefeated Review –

Power Rangers: The makers of Battle for the Grid are launching a new fighting venture featuring your favorite wrestlers. WWEUndefeated is a free play title for iOS and Android.

I don’t want to play my trumpet right now, but I’m good at fighting games, so imagine the surprise of being able to apply the right fighting game fundamentals to the game you played. I should have really expected it – the grid fight was pretty good.

However, it is difficult to play fighting games well on mobile. You won’t get the precision that veterans are used to playing sticks and pads. Thankfully, the controls are simple. Swipe left or right to move the character back and forth (spacing is important, as is always the case in fighting games). Then tap when the ability is available. Easy.

Each movement has a range and speed. In other words, throwing movement at the wrong time can cause bubbling and return slap. The abilities are not set to stones and consist of a battle deck that can be fully customized for each wrestler. There are three types of ability cards: a counter card that puts the wrestler in a defensive position and immediately counters incoming melee attacks, a strike card that performs the aforementioned melee attacks, and perhaps as you can guess. Wrestler card to run.

The system also has a rock-paper-scissors element, where one type of card usually defeats one type of attack, but is a prey to another type of attack. Counter cards work for strike cards, but do nothing for grapple cards. Grapple cards are easily interrupted by strike cards and the like. It’s a simple and effective system that allows you to feed your opponent into one move and then learn how to counter another. On quite a few occasions, I was able to dash in and quickly dash backwards to trick my opponent into using the strike move. Wait for the animation to almost end, then retaliate with your strike movement.

Each card has a cost to use during the match. At the bottom of the screen is a bar that fills from 0 to 10 over time. This is a pool of energy points to play with. For example, Flying Clothesline consumes 3 points of energy to use, so when the energy reaches 10, the bar goes from 10 to 7 and continues to replenish slowly. You need to be nasty about spam movements and be familiar with them during your attacks. If not, you may use all your abilities and then stand there for a while while your opponent is free to beat you.

You can also chain attacks at the right time. Especially if you are ready to bank and use Hype’s moves, your opponents will slip up and become deadly. If you hit and damage it, the Hype meter will accumulate during the match and you will be able to access the wrestler’s finisher when it is full.

At the time of this writing, the game had a total of 13 wrestlers, unlocked, and 3 more listed as “coming soon”. Unlock more wrestlers by starting with the popular Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, winning matches and advancing to the next league. Distributing characters is a bit of a hassle, as wrestlers like The Fiend can only unlock when they reach League VII. This may take some time. Again, this is a mobile gaming model and progress paths are generally given. I’m sorry for Undertaker fans who can’t play Phenom right away. For now, Adam Cole, AJ Style, Drew McIntyre, Finn Baller, Otis, The Rock, Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura, The Fiend, The -You can unlock the undertaker.

One thing to note here is the current shortage of female wrestlers. Given the size of the women’s sector, not including them is definitely a strange choice.

Winning a battle will give you a variety of rarity boxes, including battle cards and tokens to unlock and level up your character / move. If you have 10 gut kick cards in your box, you can use them to move from level 3 to level 4, for example, to increase the damage of your move. Character tokens work in the same way, leveling up your character’s stats and abilities.

Playing with the unlocking talent level bonus will give you even more stats. For example, reaching level 3 increases damage by 5%. Unfortunately, there is no way to see what bonuses are available at this time. This is a little frustrating.

Unfortunately, there is currently only one mode you can play, labeled “Battle”. So if you’re looking for a variety of modes, you’ll be a little disappointed. This was the early door to the game, and Undefeated will definitely get updates that add news mode to the mix. Currently, there is a significant shortage of practice modes. If you want to try a new wrestler, you need to go into online ranking mode. If you lose, you lose the progress of the league. This is not fair if you just want to try out a new character.

Once you reach a sufficiently high level of talent, you can also join the faction. The current faction seems to serve only one purpose: requesting and donating character tokens and battle cards. There’s not much you can really do so far, so it feels very strange that this was included early in the game’s life.

Of course, it’s a shame for me not to talk about Undefeated microtransaction elements. Gold is a currency that can be purchased and can be used to purchase wrestlers and battlebacks, which is a currency that ranks up cards. Gold can also be used to quickly unlock boxes earned in battle. Some of the rare boxes can take up to 6 hours to unlock, so you can see how attractive this is. It doesn’t hinder trading for me, and it’s certainly not the most insidious use of microtransactions. You can still play the game and there is no big advantage to spending money at this time.


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