WWE Xavier Woods joins G4 as new host

WWE Superstar Xavier Woods, also known as Austin Creed, was announced as the first on-air talent for the restarted G4. was able to sit with Creed and Kevin Sabbe, Head of Content for G4, to talk about Woods’ new role and vision. Woods, whose wrestling fame matches his love for the game, made a surprise appearance at the G4 Reunion Special last week. The reunion included former talents Kevin Pereira, Morgan Webb, Adam Sessler and Olivia Munn. But the real problem is that Woods uses the G4 as one of the new hosts in the revamped network.

“I was faint … it was incredible,” Woods says in explaining his experience of being able to announce his hosting job. “I’m a random guy from Georgia who loves video games and wrestling, so I’m sitting in the middle of Walgreen, Orlando, Florida, calling my parents like a backflip and signing a WWE deal. I got … the exact same reaction when I learned to host the G4. “

G4 reunion show

The television network premiered in 2002 and covered all kinds of games and nerds with shows such as X-Play, and Attack of the Show. The network has embarked on many familiar facial careers in the gaming industry today, including Munn and Geoff Keighley.

But Woods is already a well-known personality, both from his work at WWE and as a personality and host in the gaming scene. And Woods says he intends to carry that energy over to his G4 tenure.

“Because I was in the game space, what I did, and what I constantly bring to the table, feels like trying to show people that we’re all the same kind of nerds. So I love wrestling back then — obviously I still love wrestling — but at some point wrestling isn’t cool and you love wrestling and you’re teased. The same is true for video games. happened.”

But ten years after the G4 first went on sale, games became mainstream, and Woods says he’s excited to shed light on the game space for new viewers.

“Because I’m the first host, I automatically look different from others. [appeared at the reunion special] So I’m in every story I went to [G4] They very understand that expression is important. They understand that the composition of people in the game space has changed over the last 15 or 10 years. “

Both Woods and Kevin Sabbe describe the G4 as a “clubhouse” that is acceptable to everyone who loves and plays games. And Sabbe suggests that this leads to a G4 restart strategy.In the years since the G4 aired, the video content of the game has exploded on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. However, much of the content we see these days isn’t very similar to what the G4 did, which behaves like a traditional TV variety show.

So while the brief description looks like a “G4 vs. Twitch / YouTube” landscape, the Reunion Special included the appearance of famous Twitch streamers such as Dr Lupo. So this doesn’t seem to be a G4 fight.

“The plan is for us to be gamers everywhere and be part of the community,” says Sabbe.

There’s no other casting news, but Sabbe says the card includes a future collaboration with Streamer. This is especially true if you are interested in branching into G4 style content, including sketches and various works.

“How can we complement the streaming community in partnership with future talents that we probably can’t? [TV-style content] By myself? It’s what G4 offers. I’ll take a streamer who really wants to do a sketch comedy, but I’m not going to do it myself. For partnerships, we provide space for them to participate and do those things. “

There are no details yet about the official return of G4, but plans for a reboot are planned for sometime in 2021. If you’re excited to see Woods in action and the G4 representative sees Woods, Woods can now be played in Gears 5. I’m still signed on with WWE.

Matt TM Kim is an reporter.


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