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Wyoming company recovers CO2 from Nebraska ADM plant


Wyoming company recovers CO2 from Nebraska ADM plant

The ethanol plant in eastern Nebraska has agreed to transport its carbon dioxide to a future isolation plant in Wyoming.

Scott Prestidge, Manager of Corporate Communications with Tallgrass, says it will recover 10 million tonnes of CO2 annually from the Archer Daniels Midland plant in Columbus to help decarbonize the industry. “Investing in carbon recovery and sequestration will be significant. There are many important businesses and industries that need these tools, such as power plants and biorefinery.”

Last week, the two companies announced that carbon dioxide would be transported via a former 400-mile natural gas pipeline to an isolated hub in eastern Wyoming.

Mark McHague, president of the Nebraska Agricultural Department, said brownfield carbon recovery would help increase the sustainability of the state’s agricultural industry. “Agriculture is certainly a big energy user as long as we produce energy sources for transportation when we consider the operation of equipment. If we have a very low carbon footprint that gives us viability throughout the sector. If you can have the fuel there. “

He says ethanol plants may be forced to go offline without increasing the demand for technological evolution. “We lose the distilled grain that comes out of it. What we’re talking about is a really pretty big circle (about). Not always waking up one day, but another 50 cents of corn in an ethanol factory. We plan to put it in, but I think it will be a situation where we will be strong and feasible. Ethanol plants. “

Tallgrass states that the project should be operational in 2024.

Scott Prestige and Mark McHague:

Wyoming company recovers CO2 from Nebraska ADM plant Wyoming company recovers CO2 from Nebraska ADM plant

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