X-Men fans need these incredible X-figure homes

The House of X and its sister series, Powers of X, make up one of the biggest and most game-changing X-Men stories in years, even though these two stories are immortal in the form of action figures. It fits well. Hasbro has released new images of the next House of X / Powers of X-inspired Marvel Legends series and a new movie-style Deadpool figure. Find out which iconic X-Men character made the cut and take a closer look. See the slideshow gallery below for the release of all these new Marvel Legends.

X-Men fans need these incredible X-figure homes

Not surprisingly, Hasbro is primarily focused on this big gun at the House of X / Powers of X Wave, with new versions of Professor X, Cyclops, Magneto, Jean Gray and Wolverine. However, the Marvel Legends line has some new additions, such as Moira MacTaggert (probably the most important character in this new X-Men era) and Karima Shapandar. Most figures also include build-a-figure pieces for building tri-sentinel. This should work well with the recent Marvel Legends Nimrod and Hasbro’s large crowdfunding sentinel figures. X-Men movie fans will also be delighted to see the new Deadpool 2. -Inspired deadpool figure. This figure provides an alternative for those who don’t want to fire extra for the previous Deadpool / Negasonic Teenage Warhead 2 Pack. However, this figure is not the same as the previous release. This is due to Wade’s dirty, combat-damaged appearance in later sequels.

Two other people conclude this batch of Marvel Legends. Walgreens offers exclusive silver surfers with Mjolnir figures, inspired by Donny Cates and Geoff Shaw’s Thanos Wins. And new from his role in Marvel’s Avengers video game, MODOK isn’t getting the oversized Marvel Legends figure properly. MODOK was previously released as a Build-a-Figure in the days of Toy Biz Marvel Legends, but this new release makes it much cheaper and easier to add to your collection.

If you’re not up to date on the X-Men franchise, watch a video summarizing all the ways House of X and Powers of X have changed the status quo of mutants.

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