Xbox announcement seems to be at The Game Awards

By Dom Peppiatt, Monday, December 7, 2020 17:27 GMT

Microsoft seems to be preparing to make a big announcement at Game awards, Will be held on December 10th, later this week.

According to industry insiders and trusted sources, GamesBeat’s Jeff Grubb, Microsoft, and Xbox will share some interesting news this week and will have a special announcement at the Game Awards show.

His specific words were that Microsoft knew “something would come to the Game Awards.”

So why is this notable when we know that there may be many other announcements at Geoff Keighley’s big show? Well, the Xbox and The Game Awards have a pretty good relationship. Thinking about the turmoil of 2020, last year’s Xbox Series X console was unveiled at the show.

Perhaps the first major console announcement that saw the announcement of Hellblade 2 was the Headline announcement for the Game Awards 2019. Microsoft may be preparing to drop something similar this time as well.

Of course, there are almost certainly no console announcements this year … but I was able to see some new trailers and new projects announced at the show.

Halo: It’s been said that we don’t expect any news about Infinite yet, but Microsoft itself has allowed it to attend the presentation. “Meet your Game Awards friends!” Official Xbox account SaidReminds us all to adjust for viewing.

By the way, The Game Awards 2020 will be live streamed on Thursday, December 10th. You can watch it from 3:30 pm Pacific Standard Time, 6:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, and 11:30 pm Greenwich Mean Time.

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Looks like an Xbox announcement is coming at The Game Awards

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