Xbox cloud game to appear on iOS and PC in the spring of 2021 •

Microsoft plans to roll out iOS and PC options for streaming Xbox games in the spring of 2021.

On your PC, play using the Windows Xbox app. On iPhone and iPad, it plays through a mobile web browser. Both options require you to be a member of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

I’ve been hearing about Microsoft’s latest plans to stream the Xbox cloud on iOS in recent months. In October, Xbox boss Phil Spencer outlined the company’s plans to use a browser-based solution for Apple’s platform.

This all happens after Apple has blocked Microsoft’s original plan to launch Xbox game streaming on iOS via a dedicated app. Microsoft and fellow game streaming service GeForce Now have since said they will use in-browser options to circumvent Apple’s limitations. (And it’s this way that Fortnite is expected to return to the platform with some capability.)

Of course, Xbox cloud gaming is already available on Android devices. Microsoft’s goal is to make the game work the same regardless of whether the screen is connected to an Xbox console, PC tower, or part of a smartphone.

Checking the Spring 2021 Launch Window Today’s announcement was made as part of an Xbox Wire blog post that briefly described the launch of the Xbox Series X / S, but provided few solid numbers. According to Microsoft, over 1.6 million games have been upgraded via Smart Delivery, and “more than 40% of first-time users of Xbox are playing on the Xbox Series S.”

In 2021, Microsoft will announce Halo Infinite (currently scheduled for fall next year), Psychonauts 2, and “Some Surprise.” In addition, “30 new content” will arrive earlier this year, including the latest updates to long-lived games such as Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza, and Grounded.

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