Xbox Game Pass Adds Free Months for Gears Tactics, Tetris Effect Connected, and Disney Plus

Xbox has announced the next game set and more for the Xbox Game Pass in the coming weeks. In addition to the regular game offerings, there are also new benefits that offer a 30-day free subscription to Disney Plus through the benefits portion of. service.

As previously announced, this month’s addition of headlines is the addition of EA Play to the service from today on the console, and EA Play will also be available on PC on December 15th. In addition to the EA games available through the service Madden 20, Unravel Two, The Sims 4, Dragon Age Inqusition, Mass Effect Andromeda, Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 And Mirror’s Edge Catalyst You can also play it on Android.

For everything else; Gear tactics Headed to the console and Android as of yesterday (already in the PC version) and today Destiny 2: Beyond the Light And Planet Coaster: Console Edition Add to Android and console together Tetris Effect: Connected This is also available for the PC version of the service.

And November 12th FINAL FANTASY VIII Remaster Head to the console and PC, Gonner2 Available on Android, Rogue city It will be released on PC service. Ark: Survival Evolved: Explorer’s Edition Released on Android, Console and PC on November 17th Halo 4 On a PC. Finally, Renegade And Star Renegade Starting November 19th, we’ll be joining the Xbox Game Pass on Android and the console (the former is also a PC).

All games leaving the Xbox Game Pass depart on November 16th and consist of:

  • Darksiders III (Console & PC)
  • Munchkin (console & PC)
  • Talos Principles (Console and PC)
  • Track: Train set game (console and PC)

(Via Xbox Wire)

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