Xbox Game Pass helps European gamers stay connected

Xbox has conducted some new research with third parties. It focuses on the important role that the Xbox Game Pass plays in maintaining connectivity for European players. The survey itself is based on a sample of 14,000 gamers across Europe, digging into how gamers view and use subscription services, especially the Xbox Game Pass, for entertainment. Specifically, Xbox Game Pass members emphasize that they are more likely to connect with friends and family through games on a regular basis than non-members.

According to survey responses, about half (53%) of European gamers play multiplayer games online at least once a week. On the other hand, from our own data, having a shared library of games between devices is especially special for members, and looking at this in the context of research, this number increases for Xbox Game Pass members. According to this survey, members of the Xbox Game Pass are more sociable, engaged in a wide variety of games overall, and are significantly more likely (17% more likely) to play multiplayer games online. ), Very likely to play games online with both families (19% more likely) and friends (18% more likely).

We believe that games have a unique power to connect people. It’s great to see how the Xbox Game Pass plays a valuable role for so many people across Europe who use the game as a way to connect with friends and family on a regular basis.

The Xbox Game Pass is built from scratch based on feedback from members and the community, and the survey is based on what we hear directly. They told us that they want a carefully selected collection of great games, more options for how they play, and a huge value. Based on recent research, some of the main reasons European gamers are signing up for new services like the Xbox Game Pass are access to a variety of content (59%) and ease of setup (55%). , And turned out to be immediate access. New content at release (55%).

With the Xbox Game Pass, members have access to over 100 games so they can download and play right away. Accessibility is something we often hear, so we focus on delivering the Xbox Game Pass on the devices we want to play, such as consoles, PCs, or Android mobile devices via cloud gaming (beta). Is placed. Finally, there’s always new play as we premiere the Xbox Game Studios title on Xbox Game Pass on the first day of release. In addition, the library is constantly updated with new games such as AAA games, Bethesda Softworks games (a new feature in the Xbox family), and incredible ID @Xbox games.

This survey is fascinating to see how European gamers use and view their subscription services. Personally, I’ve come to know how the Xbox Game Pass plays a valuable role for so many people across Europe who use games to connect with family and friends. We can’t wait to see more people get hands-on with the Xbox Game Pass and see how gamers will continue to connect using this service.

Xbox Game Pass Helps European Gamers Stay Connected

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