Xbox Game Pass teases a mysterious new game on Twitter

The Xbox Game Pass Twitter account is once again exaggerated. In September, the account joined the console Xbox Game Pass on October 1st, posting an email exchange that didn’t subtly suggest that Doom Eternal was coming to the service soon. Currently, the accounts are teasing another big addition, but it’s not clear which game they’re referring to.

The “Ominous Red Light gif” certainly refers to the Control Ultimate Edition. That’s because the game uses shades of red and orange to represent its adversary, His. In Doom Eternal’s tweet, Internet detectives quickly discovered that flipping the color of the image revealed a message that Eternal had almost confirmed that it was the game being discussed. In this tweet, flipping the colors reveals a very different hidden message. “Do you really think you’ll be bullying again here?”

It’s certainly possible that the game is something other than control-after all, red lights aren’t quite uncommon in big video games-but our money is certainly there. Control Ultimate Edition is the next generation version of Remedy’s paranoid action game, which includes both extensions. However, players who have purchased Ultimate Edition on PS4 or Xbox One are only available as a free upgrade.

It’s not yet clear if this game will be available on both the PC and console versions of the Xbox Game Pass. These are separate services that provide different game libraries. For example, the PC Xbox Game Pass doesn’t yet have Doom Eternal at the time of this writing. Microsoft had previously stated that it would launch the service by the end of the year. For those who want access to both services and EA Play, there’s the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That’s $ 15 a month, but $ 10 a month for a PC or console only. However, you can get a 3-month Game Pass Ultimate for $ 20 as a Black Friday deal.

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