Xbox Game Pass teases fans’ favorite game revival

The popular Xbox Game Pass title, previously included in the service, is said to be back in the near future. This information is provided through the official Xbox Game Pass social media account that started teasing the release of this mystery game.

As in the past, Twitter’s Xbox Game Pass account shared a new email mockup indicating that new games will join the service in the future. This email is sent by Melissa McGamepass, which is also the fictitious name used in these types of bullying. The game in question hinted at here has been edited from the message, but the main information that can be derived from this bullying is that the mystery title was previously in the subscription service.

The only problem with this tweet for English-speaking people is that the Xbox Game Pass Twitter account that shared this message is from a German-speaking European region. Therefore, if you want to read bullying yourself, you should be fluent in the language. To this point, English Xbox accounts haven’t been bullied like this. This is a little intriguing.

Well, there are some options as to what this game is. Obviously, the Xbox Game Pass has won and lost many titles over the years, but some games stand out a bit more than others. Personally, I’m spending money on this repeater, a Fallout 4 game. Bethesda’s open-world RPG was removed from the platform in 2020, but since then Microsoft has announced that it will soon acquire Fallout 4 publishers. Early 2021. Returning your beloved first-person game to the Xbox Game Pass in line with this acquisition seems to make the most sense.

If you hear more about this new game being added to the Xbox Game Pass right away, you’ll soon know what it is. Microsoft usually doesn’t take long to figure out what’s being cooked after such bullying.

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