Xbox has confirmed that almost all current Xbox family games available on XBO will work on the Xbox Series S / X at launch.

It’s been said many times that the Xbox is focused on backwards compatibility, but today Microsoft is so devoted to seeing almost every game currently available on the Xbox One in the next two weeks. I have solidified the range about. From the entire history of the Xbox family consoles, it can be played on the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X at launch.

Xbox Partner Management Director Jason Ronald said today that after more than 500,000 hours of testing, all games will work, including the original Xbox titles, Xbox 360 titles, and Xbox One titles currently running on Xbox One. Confirmed It is backward compatible with the new console. In fact, the only Xbox games you can’t play from your library on your new machine are those that use the Xbox’s fateful Kinect accessory.

This is a big milestone and many games will have their own next-generation patches, but many games that haven’t undergone a specific upgrade process will also have built-in features such as doubling the frame rate of selected titles. It goes without saying that you will benefit from the extensions of. Auto-HDR that adds HDR to games created before HDR appeared.

With the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X launching on November 10th, we’re happy to know that we have a large back catalog for the Xbox and there are many games available for us on our new machines.

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