Xbox Head Calls for Toxic Console War “Tribalism”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer said in a new interview that if anything could leave him altogether from the video gaming industry, it would be an ongoing toxic fandom around the console.

Spencer discussed many subjects On the verge Editor-in-chief Nilay Patel About the latest episode of the Decoder PodcastFrom why Microsoft decided to launch two next-generation consoles this holiday season, to why the game pass isn’t as similar to Netflix as some people think. Spencer also briefly explained that some fans could be online when new hardware is released.

“Honestly, I love the industry I belong to,” Spencer said when asked what was happening in his head after seeing someone making a video online. I told you. Break the Xbox Series X at launch, As part of the discussion about the shortage of pre-orders. Instead, in 2020, the Xbox manager looked back at fans spending their time trying to dismantle and attack each other as to which games and hardware they prefer.

“This is my favorite job. My wife would say that’s the only job I’m qualified for, but this is definitely my favorite job. But that tribalism in the industry, industry me If there’s anything to kick out of, it’s actually that, that’s what you’re talking about. “

Spencer continued:

It’s just brave for the team when it releases something to the world to the world to disassemble it on the internet. I have a competitive product, so I never vote against the creative or product team. It’s not in me. I don’t think it will help us in the long run in the industry.

But especially in the console space, I think we’ve taken it to a destructive level, like the core of the core, “I want to make what I buy succeed, and I want it to fail.” I’m saying on both sides. Not everyone says they’re smashing the Xbox, and everyone who loves the Xbox always invites them completely to all PlayStation stuff. I said I don’t like it before, but it may be too light. I really look down on it. I don’t think we need to see others fail in order to reach our goals. It’s not some kind of “Kumbaya”. It’s really real. We are involved in the entertainment business. Our biggest competitor is indifference to our products and services. [and] The game we build.

In recent years, console makers have become more of a companion, Tweet good things about each other’s launch And even sometimes Appeared on stage together at a big event, Each still has a lot of very annoying fans.On weekends, Digital Foundry’s John Linneman has a lot Sneaky comment He receives from both Xbox and Sony fans about his technical coverage and comparative videos.

Toxicity control is a big part of Xbox’s recent message.Last year, Spencer Wrote a long blog post An overview of console manufacturers’ efforts to make games safer and more comprehensive.

According to Microsoft VP, social features such as cross-play are part of an attempt to break some of the toxicities associated with the idea of ​​war between competing gaming platforms. “But there is a core that really hates other consumer products,” Spencer told Patel. “Man, that’s very unpleasant to me. Again, the word is probably too light. For me, that’s one of the worst things in our industry. “

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