Xbox is teasing a new marketing push featuring the Master Chief this week

Xbox is preparing for the next step in the “#PowerYourDreams” marketing campaign that has been used throughout the launch of the Xbox Series X and S. The next ad, which will be dropped on December 7, looks like this: Featuring the Master Chief with some ability.

With Halo Infinite scheduled for 2021, the new Xbox ad featuring Master Chief can be speculative and exciting. An upcoming teaser posted by the official Xbox Twitter account.

Following this tweet, Xbox Senior Marketing Manager John Muncie hinted at a larger release along the way and immediately promised a “full release.” It’s still unclear if this actually means receiving new Halo Infinite news, but the game is likely to be a big part of Microsoft’s marketing promotion in 2021.

But just because Halo Infinite is in marketing doesn’t mean you should expect big news. Halo Infinite will skip the Game Awards this week, which will be the leading platform for debuting important details.

Halo Infinite was originally planned as the launch title for the Series X / S, but it didn’t happen. 343 Industries demands “patience and understanding” from the fan base of the series while completing the work of the game.

The Xbox Series X / S is currently available, but it’s currently difficult to get one. Check out GameSpot’s console and game reviews to see how the system is formed at startup.

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