Xbox One and Xbox Series X March 2021 Update Details Revealed

This month, we’re introducing new updates to the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S, adding many welcome changes to Microsoft’s console. Fans shouldn’t expect to see anything too big, but these new options should make the overall experience more enjoyable for players. From backward compatibility changes to improved wireless headset options, there are some quality of life changes that allow players to better adjust the particular experience they are looking for. Changes have also been made to the Xbox mobile app. According to Xbox Wire, fans are looking forward to:

Backward compatibility
New updates give players new options on how to enjoy backwards compatible games.The player[ゲームの管理]You can go to the section to turn automatic HDR and FPS boost on and off. The latter option has been added to some games since last month and is visually smoother. Very few games currently support this option, but Xbox has shown that it will support more games in the future.

Improved wireless headset settings
On March 16th, the Xbox Wireless Headset will be released, resulting in some changes to the Xbox Accessories app on PCs and consoles. Users will have more options available, such as bass boost, mic monitoring, and equalizer settings.

Subscription settings
A very welcome change for GamePass and Xbox Live subscribers, it will allow users to manage their subscriptions and view plan information in their settings. Users can choose from a variety of plans and update their payment options.

TV program guide
Starting in May, OneGuide’s live TV list will be discontinued. Users will continue to be able to use OneGuide on their connected TV devices, but TV list guides will no longer be provided. According to Xbox, this feature will be removed based on usage and player feedback.

Xbox mobile app
Last but not least, users of the Xbox mobile app are happy to know that the results will come back. Microsoft states that it “tests different achievement experiences with the app” in a limited way before making it available to everyone.

It will be interesting to see how users react once these updates are available! Most of these changes are very welcome and should improve the overall experience for the player.

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