Xbox reveals why Halo Infinite Co-op Delay was good

When the Halo Infinite campaign launches next month, players will no longer be able to play with them. Campaign cooperation is currently under development, but Xbox and developer 343 Industries have decided to postpone the mode earlier this month. Some fans may not be happy with the choice, but Halo development boss Joseph Staten recently discussed his reasoning with IGN and why he thinks it’s a wise move in the long run. I made it clear. In an interview, Staten hinted that the team wouldn’t want to deliver substandard products on time, but avoid shipping non-standard products.

“I’m working on Halo, but I’m still a Halo fan. And the cooperation of the campaign is essential to this experience. Playing Halo with friends, whether multiplayer or campaign, is Halo. It was the most difficult and very difficult to delay cooperation, “Staten told IGN. “But it shows the studio’s commitment-whether it’s challenging or it hurts-ship the experience only when it’s ready. Ship only the quality experience. And it’s very important for any franchise, but it’s certainly a halo that has been around for 20 years. “

The choice to postpone is never easy. It’s interesting to hear Staten talk about the importance of maintaining the quality level of the franchise for many years. Over the past few weeks, the video game industry has seen some well-known games released in what players consider to be “unfinished,” such as Battlefield 2042 and GTA Trilogy. Updates can help these games regain goodwill, but the frustration felt by players in the meantime can lead to the decision not to buy the next franchise entry at launch.

“If we don’t maintain that high standard, we won’t commit to excellence, we will commit every time we launch something to please our customers, live up to our expectations, and ideally. If it exceeds our expectations, I won’t think we’re doing this job right. ” “And the simple truth was that cooperation wasn’t ready, and we decided to prioritize efforts in other areas.”

Hopefully when the campaign co-operative is released, it will prove worth the wait! For now, Halo fans need to settle for a single-player campaign scheduled for release on December 8th.

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