Xbox Series X | S Internal Optimization: Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

One of the biggest benefits of all the power of hardware is that developers can create games optimized for the Xbox Series X | S. This is a unique feature of the Xbox Series X | S, both new titles built natively using the Xbox Series X | S development environment and previously released titles rebuilt specifically for the console. It means that you have made the most of it. In the Inside Xbox Series X Optimized Series, these creators share behind-the-scenes explanations of how to optimize titles for the Xbox Series X | S and what that means for the future of the game.Chat with 4A Games today about optimization Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Currently available for Xbox Series X | S.

Q: What are you most excited about developing and delivering an optimized version of the Xbox Series X | S? Metro Exodus For life with next-generation hardware?

A: Since the first release of Metro Exodus We’ve also pioneered RTGI with friends at Nivida to introduce real-time ray tracing into our games, and we’ve been working hard towards the future of complete ray tracing. With the new Xbox Series X | S hardware, we can bring that vision to console fans for the first time.

Players will be able to experience Metro Exodus Xbox Series X 4K / 60, the next evolution of RT technology (a significant step up from the original PC release), optimized for all light source ray tracing, luminescent lights including fire, and Xbox hardware It has been. Building this upgrade for the Xbox version also provided important insights for building the next experience to take full advantage of this new hardware. The Metro franchise, actually the power of a new generation of Xbox hardware.

Q: In addition to benefiting from the power and performance of the Xbox Series X | S, such as to reduce load times, I’m most excited to consider which features of the Xbox Series X | S to take advantage of in development. Did you? Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition??

A: Supporting ray tracing on the console is a game changer. It was a PC game changer, but with the availability of this new technology to console gamers, the way games are developed has changed from the ground up. Ray tracing is the future, and now that Xbox has access to gamers, everyone wins. We continue to push the boundaries of what we can do as developers, allowing gamers to enjoy a better, more realistic experience.

Ray tracing isn’t just as visual as it used to be. The development community, including 4AGames, is already working on ways to extend this new technology. Reducing load times from new SSDs is also a big advantage for players in large games, especially games in large or dense environments that require a lot of resources to load.I was able to dramatically reduce the loading time of Metro ExodusUp to 80% improvement when loading the entire chapter, 3-4x improvement in best cases, all quick load times (recovery from death) should be reduced to less than 10 seconds, and in some cases almost instantly There is.

Q: How do these enhancements affect the player experience? With Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition??

A: Console players can now experience it Metro Exodus We’ve achieved 4K, solid, smooth 60 fps, and full ray tracing throughout, in a way that was previously only possible with enthusiastic PC players who owned ray tracing-enabled video cards. New features on the Xbox Series X | S offer these previously exclusive features to more players for the most immersive and smooth experience.

Q: Why did the development team choose to focus as an extension area? Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition??

A: There were two important goals: full ray tracing and 60fps. This priority is clear because we see ray tracing as the future. We’ve been doing ray tracing entirely from the beginning, but now that we have the hardware in place, we wanted to bring this technology to console fans. Metro Exodus We made the most of the last generation of hardware and literally squeezed out the last bit of resources as much as possible, which meant that the game had to run at 30fps.

Providing a smooth 60 fps to the player was very important to make the playing experience as stable as possible, as the power to work has increased significantly. Load time was included to get the most out of the features of the previous generation. We realize that load times on gen8 hardware were not ideal, especially when compared to load times on most PC configurations. With the new SSD, the load time has been significantly improved, much more than what most PC players can experience. In some cases, it improves by up to 80% and all fast load (ie, post-mortem, reload-in-level) times are less than 10 seconds at a given moment.

Q: How do you expect from your fans? Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Would you like to use these optimizations to respond to playback on the Xbox Series X | S?

A: It’s a transformational experience. It wasn’t the best time to replay, especially if there was only one last ending … Tips Tips.

Q: What is the development on Xbox Series X | S?

A: The Xbox Series X was a clear upgrade from all versions of Gen8 hardware, so it was great, especially for everything I wanted to do with this upgrade. I’m also happy that I was able to balance the results of the Xbox Series S with the goals of this console, prioritizing ray tracing and 60 fps, and I was able to achieve both with the Xbox Series S. It’s done.

Q: Which extension was the most exciting to consider leverage? Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Xbox Series X | S?

A: Ray tracing, ray tracing, ray tracing 😊

Q: What does smart delivery mean for the game and how do you offer it? Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition to a fan?

A: If you already own Metro Exodus With Xbox One, all Xbox Series X | S extensions are seamlessly available for free. This is a great system and really rewards the player who jumped on the first day. Players can seamlessly continue chapter progression on Xbox Series X | S without any additional steps, or start a new save slot and play again with a different ending. You can also start a new save slot to unlock all chapters and see improvements at later levels.

Q: What will the development of the Xbox Series X | S enable for current and future projects that were not possible with previous generation consoles? “

A: Our future titles are built with a whole new lighting pipeline that puts ray tracing first. This wasn’t possible when it was first released two years ago. Metro Exodus.. After developing this upgrade for the Xbox Series X | S, I tried a bit to see the features of this new hardware. This is a luxury these days and is a great help in knowing what we can do. We do it for our future titles and how we can do it. With more engine upgrades going forward in the future, it’s invaluable to know what’s available from the beginning.

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Metro Exodus is 4A Games’ epic story-driven first-person shooter, one of the most immersive gaming worlds ever created, combining deadly combat and stealth with exploration and survival horror. I will. Explore the Russian wilderness on a vast non-linear level and follow a year-long thrilling story from spring, summer and autumn to the depths of nuclear winter. Inspired by Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel, Metro Exodus continues the story of Artyom in the biggest metro adventure ever. Embark on an incredible journey. Board the Aurora, a heavily remodeled steam locomotive, and find a new life in the east with a few survivors. Experience Sandbox Survival – A fascinating story that connects classic metro gameplay with a new giant non-linear level. A beautiful and hostile world – discover the apocalyptic Russian wilderness and revive it with stunning day / night cycles and dynamic weather. Deadly Combat and Stealth-Scavenging and crafting in the field, customizing handmade weapons and engaging human and mutant enemies in thrilling tactical combat. Your choice determines the fate of your companion-not all of your companions survive the journey. Your decision influences a fascinating storyline that provides extensive reproducibility. Ultimate atmosphere and immersiveness – candles flickering in the dark. When the gas mask is covered with frost, it is a shabby gasping. Howling mutants in the night breeze – Metro immerses you and terrorizes you like any other game …

Inside Xbox Series X|S Optimized: Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition

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