Xbox Series X: The first thing to do with the new console

Congratulations if you could get the Xbox Series X or Series S during the launch week of this next-generation console. It’s an exciting time. You may also want to dive into the latest games that make the powerful console hardware really shine, such as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. The path has been improved.

However, when you set up your new Xbox for the first time, you need to do a few things and be careful. Here’s an overview of the various settings and options available on the new Xbox platform that can improve or streamline your overall experience so you can get the most out of your feature set.

Check your TV settings on Xbox

Before you dive into the game, you need to make sure your Xbox and TV are in harmony.[設定]Go to the menu and[全般]On the tab[テレビとディスプレイのオプション]Go to. Make sure the console is outputting the correct resolution to your display or TV. If you have a display that can run 120Hz, enable the 120Hz option just below the resolution.

[4K TVの詳細]You can also go to the button to see the setup specifications and features. You can read these details from this button. This will detect a setup mismatch if the HDR or 120Hz refresh rate does not work properly.

The Adjust TV option does just that, which helps ensure that the brightness, contrast, and color levels are appropriate for your display. This can help you avoid this, as some TVs may have a slight blown-out image quality and rough eyes.

Various video features on Xbox

The options under the Video Mode button are important. Check this to see “Allow 4K” for 4K displays on the console, “Allow HDR10” if you’re using an HDR display, and “Auto HDR” to make old games shine with a basic HDR overhaul. Make sure it is enabled. “Allow variable refresh rate” enables VRR for TVs and displays with this feature. This reduces screen tiering by adapting the refresh rate to the output of the number of frames per second in the game.

“Allow automatic low latency mode” tries to make sure your TV is using “game mode” or equivalent. When enabled, the TV will be forced to switch to that image mode if it is available at game launch. This is a great way to ensure the fastest input response, but make sure your TV is properly color tuned for that setting.

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HDMI-CEC option and power mode

If you have set up an entertainment center with CEC (Home Appliance Control) in mind, be sure to check this “Device Control” option. With HDMI-CEC enabled, you can turn other devices on and off on your Xbox (or vice versa) and control the volume from the console.

[全般]Go back to the tab[電源モードと起動]You can optionally change when the console turns off automatically to select instant-on (default) or energy-saving power mode. Instant-on provides an ultra-fast system startup that allows you to manage and install games from your mobile app, but saves less power (“environmentally friendly” as the system says)- In my experience, the system is still fast. Even with this setting, it boots and snaps from boot to boot.

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Customize to your liking

One thing that is often overlooked is some of the personalization options available. The first thing I did was change the tab order when I pressed the Xbox home button. This is called the guide menu.I like to capture screenshots, so the main capture and share menu[ガイド]Make sure you are one tab away from the tab, in case you need quick access to settings[プロファイル]With options[システム]We did the same for the options.

You can also customize what you see on your Xbox home screen.When this main screen is displayed[表示]At the push of a button, customization options open. Here you can add or remove specific modules and change the background theme and color.

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Set Series X | S as Home Xbox

[設定]of[全般]The last thing you need to do on the tab is to set your new Xbox as your home Xbox. This defaults to those from your Microsoft Store and Xbox Live account on this particular system, giving you access to all the benefits of all other accounts associated with this Xbox. This is especially useful if your system is being used by multiple people, playing downloaded games, or even using Xbox Live Gold.

Accessibility options

The Xbox Series X | S features a suite of accessibility features similar to the Xbox One system, available from the computer’s easy-to-use menu. Instead, you can enable text-to-speech narrator and button prompts, a magnifying glass that zooms in to better display the menu, closed captions, high-contrast mode, game transcription (using speech synthesis), and more. And text-to-speech options). You can also toggle button mappings, change stick and trigger behavior, turn vibrations on and off, and configure co-pilot settings as needed.

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Settings for capturing screenshots and clips

One of the best features of the new Xbox controller is its dedicated[共有]It is a button. Before you dive into the game and save great moments in the game, you need to make sure you know how to use this new button and its features properly.

By default, a single press saves a screenshot and saves it to storage, and a press and hold saves a clip of what happened a while ago. This helps save unexpected gameplay moments. You can also extend the length of time the system returns to capture gameplay (from 15 seconds to 1 minute). However, you can change the functionality of the share button. For example, you can set the button to hold and hold to start and stop recording. You can also set the resolution of the clips you want to capture. There is a limit to the length of the clip, depending on the resolution. 4K (SDR and HDR) in 30 seconds, 1080p in 1 minute, 720p in 3 minutes. ..

If another drive is connected, you can assign it to store screenshots and gameplay clips.

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Game forwarding if you have an Xbox One

One thing to keep in mind is that all Xbox One games will be played on the new Xbox Series X or S. If your Series X | S is optimized, you’ll need to download updates (some are relatively small and some are large). Larger), but it’s not like downloading the entire game.

Therefore, if you have an external USB 3.0 storage drive, copy or move your Xbox One and other backward-compatible games from your old system to that drive before transferring them to your Xbox Series X or S. Xbox is all part of everything, so the same ecosystem, games, and files are recognized across different systems. Save time and bandwidth.

Start the game

Most people know that they probably just booted the system and started installing, downloading, or transferring games immediately after initializing the console. However, what we’ve discussed here should help you recognize the features of the console and make sure that all the features you need for your gaming experience are working properly.

Be sure to check out the full Xbox Series X review and the Xbox Series S review, as there are more articles on next-generation consoles. We’ve also tested how different storage devices work on new Xbox systems to better understand the best options for expanding storage capacity. If you still want to get a new console, keep up with the Xbox Series X | S Buying Guide. We will continue to update the console as availability and inventory from various retailers change.

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