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Xbox Series X – What It Is (Photo: Microsoft)

One reader explains why he was disappointed with the experience of the first day. Xbox Series X and how to blame him for being hyped.

This isn’t the wrath of some fanboys before someone complains. We may get a PlayStation 5 in the future, but we have no plans at this time and no strong loyalty to Microsoft or Sony. However, I regret buying the Xbox Series X. Rather, everything that disappoints me about the new console was clear long ago, and I regret falling into the hype, even though I should have known really better.

I’m not going out exactly because the Xbox Series X doesn’t have games, but the reality of the situation doesn’t really go home until I’m ready to play with the console under the TV. did. In Gears 5 … it looked like an Xbox One game. Sure, it looked like a really good Xbox One game, but I didn’t own Microsoft’s previous console, so I hadn’t played it before and wanted more.

I’ve tried Ori And The Will Of The Wisps and it looks great on 4K TV, but I’ve played Ori And The Blind Forest on Switch and it’s essentially the same thing. It was clear. Only with high resolution graphics.

At this point I started wondering why I did this. It wasn’t Microsoft’s fault. They didn’t lie or advertise anything misleading. However, I’ve been a gamer for the last 20 years, always getting at least one new console from the first generation, and found the PlayStation 5 games too expensive, so I chose the Xbox Series X.

I’ve always liked the idea that it’s the most powerful console that has sealed deals with third-party games. Until I realized, I didn’t really have anything of interest. Only Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty, which I haven’t played for years, will be announced this month. Cyberpunk 2077 in December is the only thing I’m excited about in the rest of the foreseeable.

That’s one of the reasons I questioned my decision, but given the lack of a suitable next-generation version, I decided to sell the Xbox Series X until next year and rethink at that point. did.

The PlayStation 5 launch games are getting better reviews than expected, so maybe I’ll get the PlayStation 5, but the price seems to have been postponed that way. If Sony had created its own version of the Game Pass, the whole decision would be much easier.

Instead, you have to choose between a lot of games that are “free” and uninteresting, or a lot of games that you want to play for a small amount. What a choice!

I should have waited. In particular, in these reports on hardware issues on both consoles. Wait, play a game later, iron wrinkles, or if it’s a little cheaper, you should have got one.

The problem is that I’ve never felt this before, but let’s face it. Launching the console is usually not that great. I may have lost the game mojo, but when I pre-ordered it felt like it was still there, but now I don’t seem to care much.

So I already sold the Xbox Series X and actually made a little profit by doing so. But when you buy a replacement for New Year, you’re not just saying you own it, you’re thinking more about it and what you’re actually buying for.

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Why I’ve already sold my Xbox Series X – Reader’s Feature

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