Xbox Series X will be back in the UK next week as Box launches a pre-order lottery

Finally – a fair chance to buy to the next generation (Photo: Microsoft)

British retailer Box The Xbox Series X uses a voting system to try to prevent Scalper from buying everything.

Insufficient inventory is one thing. Everyone understands that the coronavirus has made everything difficult this year, but the worst thing about launching next-generation consoles was buying all the consoles before regular customers got the chance. ..

In fact, even worse, the fact that neither retailers nor Microsoft and Sony tried anything about it. The flow may be changing now, but thanks to Very and the current online retailer Box.

Scalpers use the bot app to buy stock from regular retailers much faster than humans. Some organized groups claim to have bought thousands of consoles and are reselling them on eBay and other sites at significantly higher prices.

Box is trying to avoid this by giving you the freedom to pre-order the process. You will also organize an “assignment vote” to register your interests and be notified if you are lucky to be selected. You can purchase the console when it is back in stock later this month.

Here’s a link to pre-order your Xbox Series X and a link to pre-order your Xbox Series S.

According to Box, new inventory arrives in the week starting December 7th and 14th, but still has time to deliver the console before Christmas.

Perhaps other stores will increase inventory at about the same time, but so far, Box is the only one running the voting system.

Even if scalpers aren’t a problem, the high demand for new consoles has put multiple retail sites in a hurry under pressure, and voting systems are also designed to avoid this.

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Xbox Series X restock next week in UK as Box starts pre-order lottery

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