Xbox System Link actually works on Series X / S

Monday, December 14, 2020 15:42 GMT, Dom Peppiatt

Xbox System Link will continue to work in Xbox Series S / X multiplayer games. This means that intersystem tools are now available on all four generations of Xbox consoles.

If you’ve ever brought your Xbox console to a friend’s house for an old-fashioned Halo LAN session, Xbox system link..

Unique to all Xbox consoles, players can connect multiple consoles for offline multiplayer games. It was most commonly used on the Xbox and Xbox 360 Halo games, but new discoveries have proven that this feature remains valid on the Xbox series of hardware families.

The modern vintage gamer’s system link video embedded above works with the original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S backward-compatible titles, Crimson Skies, and thanks to the Xbox system link, all four generations. Indicates that they are working together to run the game.

In reality, you can’t expect to network your original thick Xbox with the Xbox Series X to play Crimson Sky or similar games, but the hardware has this useful feature enabled. It’s a credit to Microsoft.

This is another example of the Xbox team’s commitment to legacy content. We already know that the Xbox Series X has added HDR to backwards compatible games and that 4th generation games are supported by the new hardware generation.

Microsoft’s message about the Xbox Series X has always been a message where backward compatibility has always played an important role, and these new little discoveries prove to be the true philosophy of the company, not just lip service. I will.

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Xbox System Link actually works on Series X/S, too

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