Xbox This Week: November 20, 2020

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Xbox Black Friday Sale Offers Gifts To Everyone On This Holiday List
This year was a big year for game fans.From the launch of the new generation of Xbox consoles to the creative and diverse line of games for the best look and play on Xbox, to the high-quality game library available on the Xbox Game Pass, never before … read more

How to Buy Digital Games As This Holiday Gift
If you want to give games to friends and family during this holiday season, giving digital games is a convenient and convenient option. Sending has never been easier thanks to the Microsoft Store on Xbox and the great Microsoft Store online experience … Read More

Gears 5 Partners With WWE to Featur WWE Superstar Survivor Series Crossover Event The New Day
Whether you’re a millions of WWE UpUpDownDown YouTube channel subscribers or gathering friends and family on Xbox Live, WWE Superstars New Day is well known for spreading the power of positivity through video games. I … Read more

2020 GT World Challenge Pack DLC to enter Assetto Corsa Competizione this winter
Assetto Corsa Competizione
Rest assured that you’ve been on a considerable journey since launching earlier this year. The development team has been working behind the scenes to bring all the new content into the world of simulation racing.I’m here today … Read more

Free play date

Free Play Days – Tekken 7, Ark: Survival Evolved, Overwatch Origins Edition
Raise your fists for the ultimate battle, tame your dinosaurs in survival epics and take part in the ultimate team-based shooter. It’s all free play day this weekend. Tekken 7, Ark: Survival Evolution,and Overwatch Origins Edition is Available … Read more

Xbox Series X | S Internal Optimization: Ark: Survival Evolution
One of the biggest benefits of all that power is that it allows developers to create games optimized for the Xbox Series X | S. This means that you’re taking full advantage of the unique features of the Xbox Series X | S. Both are new titles built natively using…. read more

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War gives you free Nuketown Weapon Bundle
With the rethought series’ favorite maps ready to come back and Black Friday approaching, there’s no more time to dive in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Xbox Series X | S or Xbox One, especially with today’s launch Nuketown Weapon Bundle… read more

Borderlands 3 unleashes the next level of mayhem on the Xbox Series X | S
Borderlands 3
It’s the next generation!Enjoy the next level of mayhem with the new Xbox Series X | S Borderlands 3 Like never before, fully optimized graphics and performance upgrades, and couch cooperation thanks to SmartDelivery … Read more

Hello holiday hero image

Bring your holiday support with the new Halo toys
Pay attention to Halo fans! The holiday is just around the corner. It’s time to start shopping for friends, family, and maybe yourself while you’re at it.Fortunately, there are plenty of new Halo-themed merchandise and toys in the store, all of which will satisfy you … Read more

Warhammer on Xbox Series X | S: Fight Chaos with Chaosbane
We are very pleased to be part of the Xbox Series X | S launch lineup. Warhammer: Chaos Ben Slayer EditionThe definitive edition of Warhammer: Chaos Bain..If you have never heard Warhammer: Chaos Bain, This is the first hack and slash set … Read more

Skater XL

Skater XL brings mod maps and gear to the Xbox One
How about Xbox fans? !! We are very pleased to share and announce the latest trailer. Skater XL Players around the world will have access to the community-created mod map and gear world on Xbox this December. Skater XL Always … Read more

Bless Unleashed’s Next Update Spear of Salvation Update Released Today
Bless Unleashed The Spear of Salvation is launching its 4th major free update today! This update continues the main story and adds many new quests. In addition, many new features have been removed, including a new class experience level, a whole new … read more.

Yakuza: Like a dragon

Exclusive Interview with Yakuza: Like Dragons Masayoshi Yokoyama and Hiroyuki Sakamoto
The Xbox Wire France team was fortunate enough to talk to Hiroyuki Sakamoto’s writer. Yakuza: Like a dragon, And Masayoshi Yokoyama, a game producer, screenwriter, and sound director who has been working on the series since his debut 15 years ago... read more

Mash up the Bridge Constructor and AMC The Walking Dead
Quick Intro: I’m Matthias. The creative leader behind the brand new. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead The latest release of the game, the famous Bridge Constructor series.Some of you may have noticed that we are already a little crazy … Read more

Age of Empires II: The definitive anniversary update with battle royale mode is now available
Anniversary time!We are celebrating a year Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition With the biggest updates ever shipped, including new battle royale game modes, new features to welcome the growing community, balance changes, and more … Read More

Bring your team to glory with Football Manager 2021: Xbox Edition, December 1st
Football Manager 2021: Xbox Edition Debuting next month, it brings the depth, drama, and details of the world’s most popular football management simulation to Xbox. FM21 Xbox Drop you into a living, breathing world of football and give you an opportunity … Read more

Martian horizon

7 tips to help you run your own space agency on the Martian horizon
Welcome Martian horizon And your mission to reach the red planet. Martian horizon Place you as the head of the space agency at the dawn of the Space Race.Your job is to guide your agency through time and all its technological advances until you succeed … Read more

Pack the bag for The Sims 4 Snowy Escape expansion pack
Attach the strap to the snowboard and get ready to chop the powder The Sims 4 Snowy Escape Expansion PackNow available on Xbox One! Under the snow of that mountain, there is a new world of adventure waiting for you.As a residential area or on a hillside … Read more

Serious Sam Collection

The Serious Sam collection brings endless fun and explosion
Croteam has been around for nearly 30 years, and to be honest, we’ve devoted much of that time to Serious Sam.What was once a childhood dream, the development of video games for life, has definitely become a reality thanks to shooters … Read more

Human: Fall Flat – Free Level Golf and Cities Available Today
Two new free levels have arrived today Human: fall flat – Golf and City – Be sporty with up to 7 friends, challenge golf, crossbows, bowling and rooftop challenges and spend a laughing time.Designed by community creators … Read more

Hello Master Chief Collection Key Art

Launch Halo 4 on your PC and continue your amazing journey with the Master Chief Collection optimized for the Xbox Series X | S
today, Halo: Master Chief Collection.. After years of hard work by the 343 Industries team, we are proud to announce the next final addition. Halo: Master Chief Collection, Halo 4, Officially arrived on the PC … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Joining the Xbox Game Pass Community
Many people are new to the Xbox Game Pass and have found a lot of people who like it. Whether you’re joining all the new titles in Xbox Game Studios because you want access to the release date, or you want to play Electronic Arts games on EA … Read more

Gears 5: Multiplayer Renewed Today with Operation 5: Hollow Storm, Doubled Content Since Release
last week, Gears 5 Xbox Series X | S Updates Released. It restarted the game with a new console and next-generation technical optimizations for new campaign features.This week, the team will restart the multiplayer suite with the biggest update since its release … Read more

Defeat me! Now available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S
Hello everyone! I’m Franciszek Batko, the game developer at Red Limb Studio.I’ll let you know that it’s finally launched Defeat me! On Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. Defeat me! Is a physics-based multiplayer game with up to 6 players participating.It’s a nice party fighter … Read more

Leave the ganjong

Finish Gunjong Reload on Xbox One
Today we are very excited to announce it Leave the ganjongThe latest adventure, called Dodge Roll Semi-Automatic Gun John Barth, is now available on Xbox One!Our team is working hard with hardcore … Read more

Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings Bring a Bright Future to the Desolate Universe
Paradox launched earlier this month Age of Wonders: Planetfall – Star Kings, The latest expansion of turn-based / 4X strategy games, Age of Wonders: Planetfall.. Star Kings Introducing the new Paladin faction, Ausbound.Oaths inspire hope … Read more

Xbox Community Game Club

Introducing the Xbox Community Game Club: Play, Share, Discuss
In a year when game-based connectivity proved to be more important than ever, we bring you the Xbox Community Games Club.This is how the Xbox community around the world gathers around game lovers … Read more

Xbox Next Week: November 23-27
Welcome to next week on Xbox. Learn about all the new games coming soon on Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Windows 10 PCs, the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC titles, and the upcoming IDs. @Xbox game! Get details … read more

This Week on Xbox: November 20, 2020

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