Xbox This Week: November 25, 2020

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World Update II: USA for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available for free
In September, we shared our vision of continuous improvement. Microsoft Flight Simulator By bringing meaningful updates to the simulator every month. Today we are launching our second World Update.I’m excited to offer a shimmer … Read more

Space Engineers: Wasteland DLC is now available on Xbox One
I would like to announce some changes coming to Space engineer Includes support for Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. As part of our goal of bringing equivalence to Xbox and PC platforms, this update will be released simultaneously on all supported platforms.Not only this, the Xbox Series X version offers breakthrough gameplay and helps define the future … Read more

Crusader Kings III Update

Fans’ favorite features return to Crusader Kings III with a free update
My name is Troy Pruitt and I’m a community manager. Crusader Kings III..I’m in charge of daily communication, processing social media posts and plans, streaming and video content Crusader Kings III And I will discuss here … Read more

BFF or die: find a best friend in your home
I’m Shaz, a game designer from BFF or die.. As a lifelong gamer, I grew up playing video games. My most memorable game moment has come from meeting a group of four friends throughout the weekend and playing local multiplayer games.Looking back … Read more

Gold Game-December 2020

New game of gold in December 2020
Click here for the December Gold Game lineup! Solve mysteries and catch ravens on Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S Raven Remaster, Get rid of enemy waves with a shooter platformer Bleed 2..And about our classic lineup … Read more

Swim sanity! Unleash Pack 1 DLC is available today on Xbox One
We are very excited to have Swim sanity! As part of this month’s Games with Gold. I’m grateful to everyone who has played so far and am excited to talk about what to expect from us on the road ahead.First and foremost, the community boost we got … Read more


Darq is coming to Xbox One shortly and upgrades to the Xbox Series X | S for free in early 2021
Excited to reveal that you are an award-winning horror puzzle platformer dark Introducing a whole new way on Xbox One on December 4th Darq: Full versionIncludes base games and DLC Tower And not yet released Crypto… read more

Fully Reliable Delivery Service Content Updates Introduce New Events and Cosmetics
new Fully reliable delivery service Content updates are bringing a load of additional cool stuff! Come find two brand new events, Windy Wings and Laser Barrage, to play solo or with friends.In addition to that, completely … Read more

Announced by Fortnite Crew

Introducing Fortnite Crew Subscriptions: The Ultimate Offer of Fortnite Content Don’t Miss
Starting December 2nd, with the arrival of Chapter 2-Season 5, we’re releasing Fortnite Crew, the ultimate subscription you can’t miss. Fortnite content! Join Fortnite Crew and get all the members below for just $ 11.99 each month … Read More

Play Action: New-looking NFL uniform arrives at Fortnite
Make every match feel like Sunday FortniteNew Gridiron gangster outfit.Break talks with your team with these newly designed NFL uniforms Fortnite..This season’s redesigned look features two uniforms for each NFL team, so you can represent your favorite team … Read more

Hot shot racing

Hotshot Racing: Big Boss Bundle DLC is now available for free
Available on Xbox Game Pass Hot shot racing Is a very fast arcade racing game from the Curve Digital, Sumo Nottingham, and Lucky Mountain games released this September, updated with the iconic arcade racing formulas of the 90’s … continued. I Read

David Beckham is back in FIFA 21
He is back. All of us at EA Sports are excited to announce that David Beckham is back in EA Sports FIFA. Just play and you’ll be greeted by the FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta Football for free. FIFA 21 By January 15, 2021 … Read more

Jackbox Party Pack 7

Play Jackbox Party Pack 7 games in this order for the best Thanksgiving fun
At Thanksgiving, two terrible things can happen. One is that turkeys ignite, burning homes and barns, crossing meadows and sweeping towards the castle (wake up the king!).Second, you try to get your family to play games, no one listens to the instructions, and … read more

World of Warships November Event: Legends and World of Tanks
The end of November is full of events at World of Warships: Legends And World of tanks!! World of Warships: Legends This month we’ll be featuring the Japanese Navy, adding a new cast of destroyers and two campaigns, as well as a new pair of legendary tier ships … Read More

Immortal: Fenyx Rising – December 3rd – Optimized for Xbox Series X | S

Xbox Next Week: December 1st-December 4th
Welcome to next week on Xbox. Learn about all the new games coming soon on the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 PCs, the Xbox Game Pass for console and PC titles, and the upcoming IDs. @Xbox game! Get the game details below and click on those profiles if available to see the pre-order details (release dates are subject to change). Jump in! …read more

Play as a famous influencer and blow up wild water slides with slide stars
Slide star
— Now available on Xbox One — Over 20 of the world’s most popular influencers from YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram!Play as your favorite star, jump into strange rides and get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure … Read more

This Week on Xbox: November 25, 2020

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