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Xiaomi launches mobile photography masterclass series – Mi Blog

World-renowned photographers get together to share their knowledge with Xiaomi fans and others.

October 20, 2021 – – Xiaomi officially announced the launch of the Xiaomi Master Class series. The new educational project will bring together professional photographers specializing in different disciplines such as portrait photography, street photography and monochrome photography to share their experiences with more people.

Xiaomi is dedicated to providing high quality devices with professional grade mobile photography capabilities, providing everyone with a toolkit that maximizes their creativity. In the first season of the Xiaomi Master Class, professional photographers shared insights into mobile photography and, more importantly, why they decided to get craft and how they personalized. Talk about finding a style-everything “The moment I made me”..

The first master to share his “moment” Charlie Clift, Professional portrait photographer. He turned the CEO over, hid by police, set fire to a Michelin star chef, and discussed peace with Nobel laureates. All this was done in search of great photos. His motivation is to tell a personal story with an unexpected twist.

He works globally for a variety of editorial and commercial clients, and his work is widely published and exhibited. His Xiaomi Masterclass teaches users the entire process of taking portraits, from inspiration, preparation, configuration, and how to work with the model.

In addition to Charlie Clift’s online Xiaomi Master Class, Xiaomi will also host several offline events to allow the audience to meet the Master in person and learn from the Master in a more immersive setting.

Xiaomi Masterclass on Street Photography – Pau Clavero
October 28, Seville, Spain

Po is a popular street photographer with 1.44 million YouTube subscribers. With the support of the Sevilla government, Poe shot multiple films on the Xiaomi 11T Pro. In this Xiaomi Masterclass, Po shares his mobile street photography experience.

The event will be held simultaneously at various locations in the university and on the higher campus of Kamala de Comercio de Seville. Xiaomi Masterclass will be held directly at headquarters’ EUSA campus (Calle Plácido Fernández Viagasnº 4) and at the same time via streaming at various venues, including the Cartuja Center CITE campus at Calle Leonardo Da Vinci 7. , And PICE headquarters are located at Parque Empresarial Nuevo Torneo C / Biología, 12, and are also located at various regional headquarters in Seville.

Xiaomi Masterclass on Black-and-White Photography – Alan Schaller
October 29, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

Alan Schaller is a London-based photographer who specializes in black-and-white photography. His work is often abstract, incorporating elements of surrealism, geometry, high contrast, and the reality and diversity of human life.

From the project “Metropolis” to “Dog, Dog, Dog”, he has shared a unique perspective of observing the world. This time he will attend our Xiaomi Imagery Awards Saatchi Gallery exhibition, offering a Xiaomi master class on monochrome photography and sharing the “moments” that made him a photographer.

Xiaomi Masterclass on Wedding Photography – Dos Más En La Mesa
EFTI School in Madrid, Spain, November 2nd

Dos Más En La Mesa is a group formed by all the faculty and ex-students of EFTI, the world’s leading experts in photography. Andrea and Bernardina, partners and founders of Dos Más En La Mesa, have worked as photographers and creative directors for major brands. They have a very unique style and artistic sensibilities that allow them to instantly identify their work. Under the name DosMasEnLaMesa, they represent their inner world through photography and art.

EFTI’s Xiaomi Masterclass will explain why you choose photography and your quest for mobile photography.

More online and offline Xiaomi masterclasses will be available soon on Xiaomi social media and the Xiaomi store. Follow the Xiaomi social media and Xiaomi Imagery website for the latest information.

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Xiaomi launches mobile photography masterclass series – Mi Blog Xiaomi launches mobile photography masterclass series – Mi Blog

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