XPG launches LEVANTE 360 all-in-one liquid cooler

XPG Announced the second iteration of an all-in-one liquid cooler product XPG LEVANTE 360..

XPG LEVANTE 360 Cooler – latest Asetek cooling solution in collaboration with XPG

XPG LEVANTE 360 iThree fan all-in-one CPU liquid coolers with 7 which is asetek’s industry-leading solutionth A dazzling design that brings a lot of personality to the front cover of the next generation of Asetek pump technology and the next gaming chassis build.

High performance cooling

Acetec 7th The generation’s patented cooling solution includes a pump with PWN control to ensure optimal CPU temperature control, a large 360mm radiator, and a heat-optimized copper plate with microchannels as thin as 0.15mm. It is contained and has a large surface area to increase heat. Exchange efficiency. XPG is equipped XPG LEVANTE 360 It features three vibrant dual-ring 120mm fans with a fluid dynamic bearing (FDB) motor design and 4-pin pulse width modulation (PWM). The FDB fan with PWM is designed with an automatic restart mechanism, optimized for reliability (up to 40,000 hours at 40ºC in MTBF) and minimizes 34dB noise in a full cycle of high airflow (61.5CFM). Suppress to.

Dazzling RGB that complements the best game builds

For a stunning flair, each fan incorporates 20 RGB LEDs, and the liquid pump cap is also illuminated with RGB lighting. If you don’t like to use the ARGB connector linked directly to the motherboard of your choice and the associated software controls (most major brands supported), an additional ARGB controller is included. You can also use it to easily adjust what is pre-programmed. Light mode, speed, and brightness of both the RGB fan and the RGB cap of the liquid pump.

XPG LEVANTE 360 High quality comes with a 5-year warranty, one of the highest claims in the industry. Contact your local XPG representative at for availability and pricing in a particular market.

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XPG Launches LEVANTE 360 All-in-One Liquid Cooler

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