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Lee Wood will fight Xu Can on July 31st.

Lee Wood had only been notified for six weeks that he would be boxing in China. Xu Can At the matchroom fight camp show on July 31st. But he didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity.

“I was in the gym and I wasn’t training the elite, but I was in the gym and had some big sessions,” he said. “The financial side took a little longer [to agree] But it took a few minutes [to accept the fight].. These opportunities can come when you don’t expect the most. It’s in the name, professional boxing, you have to be a professional. You have to live a professional life. You must be a professional inside and outside the ring. I’ve always done that, and it will be rewarded. I fought this fight right away, they expected I wasn’t ready in time.

“I really think they made a mistake here, and as they say, pay attention to what you want.”

Xu Can was on the course to fight Josh WarringtonUntil the Leeds fighter suffers a shock loss against Mauricio Lara. However, Wood does not consider himself a warm-up. Lee stopped wreath molding earlier this year to win a British featherweight title. He can and is determined to win this battle.

“I want to prove where I belong. I want to prove that I can mix at that level without any problems and not only mix at that level, but I can win.”

“He’s an elite and has a lot of volume. I don’t know if he’ll break a little. I like to think he can. Looking at his records, I don’t think he can. He’s more volume. It’s a puncher, “Wood said of Kang. “I know what to expect. I’m working on what I have to do and I’m in a fight like this. You work on your advantage and take away the advantage of your opponent. Must be Ben. [Davison] A very good coach, he has been at that level for years. Every time he reached that level, he went through.

“I believe in everything I do.”

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Xu Can says Leewood Xu Can says Leewood

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