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Yahoo Finance withdraws from Chinese app store

Yahoo Finance reports that it was pulled by the Chinese App Store after republishing an article in Bloomberg News that was critical of its crackdown on the tech industry. Mikey Campbell Of Apple Insider.

Campbell reports: “The app was removed on October 14th. according to Visit AppleCensorship, a website that tracks App Store deletions and changes. It’s unclear who bought Yahoo Finance for what reason, and neither Apple nor Yahoo have responded to requests for comment on the matter.

“Chinese users Relied on An app for reading news articles from media that are usually blocked by the Great Firewall in China and other internet censorship programs, reports Telegraph.. The title, which can effectively bypass the government’s carefully defined content restrictions, may have received unwanted attention from authorities such as the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC) and have since been marked for removal.

“A few days before the App Store was banished, Yahoo Finance Bloomberg According to the report, it is critical of China’s crackdown on tech industry. This article contained references to incentives that may have been given to Apple in exchange for compliance with government requirements, such as app removal notices. “

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Yahoo Finance withdraws from Chinese app store Yahoo Finance withdraws from Chinese app store

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