Yakuza developers want to localize historic spin-offs, but it’s complicated

Yakuza series games are notorious for their slow localization, and are often released in the West a few years after the game debuted in Japan. Some of the yakuza spin-offs, especially the historic game that brings the yakuza’s main cast back to the 17th and 19th centuries, have never been localized, but at least someone at Sega thinks about it, Kotaku reports. I will.

After years of silence about the localization of Kenzan, the dragon has risen! The dragon is Hong Restoration! , Yakuza director Daisuke Sato finally broke through the topic in an interview with a German game site.

“personally, [Kenzan and Ishin] Mr. Sato said, “I hope it will be localized and enjoyed by Western fans.” In my opinion, action is one of the best in the series, so I’d love to localize it if I get the chance. “

The main problem, Sato explains, is that the game is pretty old at this point. “The game is nearly seven years old, so it’s not a simple porting, and we may need to add some extra work to recreate it, so the decision is a bit more complicated,” Sato explained. Kenzan was released for PS3 shortly after the recently remade Yakuza 2, and Ishin was released for PS3 and PS4 in 2014.

Given that Sega was fortunate enough to have a recent remake of Yakuza 1 and 2, there is no doubt that spin-offs could be treated the same. Players who are trying to localize the “Kurohyō Ryuga Gotoku Shinsho” series originally released on the PSP may be unlucky, but Sato says that these games require a complete remake and are therefore “especially challenging”. It explains that.

Yakuza, the latest release in the series: Like a dragon, GameSpot’s Michael Hyam wins the game on 9/10 with “wild RPG combat, ridiculous humor, and dramatic storytelling” to Western viewers. It became popular.

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