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15 years from the beginning YakuzaAfter 5 sequels, 1st part, 2 remakes and 5 spin-offs, Toshihiro Nagoshi is about to go straight. The latest entry in his series, Yakuza: Like a dragon, A ode to stacks and stalls. A former nurse who sold stolen medicine, she is now living on the street in a cold and unconcerned profession. A policeman who tried to leak corruption in his department but instead saw his career depleted. A drunken bar hostess drifts from his family and suffers from sadness. The former yakuza, released from prison at the age of 42, was furious at the bars of the past. These reckless souls simply get out of the rut and do not climb the criminal ladder. Is Nagoshi trying to tell us something? If so, what is it? Is it too late? Does he need change? Or does the crime-oh, dear-do not pay?

The story follows the buzz of cash, but not so much putt. In the minutes at the beginning, you can see that the banknotes are shuffled in a monotonous office and eaten up by a sorting machine. When introduced to Kasuga Ichiban, the main character, we collect protection rackets from various yakuza safes. Kasuga continues the storytelling trick that is the trademark of the series, that is, And Eating cake is a contradiction. “Rewarding criminals only makes the whole world a worse place!” He says later. At another point, he describes what he is doing as “more about duty and standing up for people.” Someone should have given him a pamphlet of the local police, but I think it would cramp his style. He wears a maroon suit (a nasty bruise shade) and his hair is curly, blown in the black wind like the smoke of a wildfire.

To be sure, he has a lot of wildness, a burning temper, a baseball bat in his hand, and a firm belief that any moral swamp in any situation can be swayed by a home run. Kazuma Kiryu, the former protagonist of the series, preferred smoldering, hinting at the burning fire inside, under the disposal of a silver suit and ice. Kiryu melts when exposed to the new game’s climate because of the way it surrounds the protagonist at a fellow party, rather than in the setting of Yokohama, a hot and bright port city like a hangover. Kiryu was a lot of things, but I’m not good at parties, and I think there are some fans. Like a dragon I think the same applies to ourselves.The biggest changes to Nagoshi’s long-standing story are the switch from real-time combat to turn-based and the introduction of multi-character melee attacks like you’ll find. Persona And Final Fantasy..

It comes with some loose habits of its own. The characters roam in a circle, as if the Active Time Battle system was itching to release them. When attacked, you can time a complete parry to reduce the damage it absorbs. On the other hand, at the Job Center in Yokohama, you can switch between classes and costumes along with related skills. For example, a musician is good at playing the guitar against an enemy, while a chef wields a shining ladle. I’m excited about the outlook for what you might call painful employment, but the crushing needed to prepare each class for combat is boring. Grinding is a great way to spend time with a pestle and mortar for those who are loyal to JRPGs. But for those who like slimming core loops, these repetitive patches (which some bosses need) are a problem.

Considering everything, I think the genre shakeup is worth it. feel A logical extension of the surrealism that underlies these games, like a shake-up like the result of a restless design. They are famous for the barbarians who slip into the realm of fantasy. The bike explodes overhead, the fist ignites during the flight, and then returns to everyday life. This pump and spray approach to bloodshed is usually a convenient nod for bottling other fluids, Yakuza Sex is a harmonic overtone that casts a red light on the character from above, but is rarely seen from the inside. Nagoshi’s attention is instead drawn by the desire for digital escape. “When I throw it away, my brain begins to think in the words of Dragon Quest,” says Kasuga. Call the video game as a release.

This is the core of Yakuza: Like a dragon.. The game lurks on the soft side of life and is fascinated by the way it gives dreams to our days. For example, when you participate in each battle, Kasuga imagines that the enemy has transformed. The eyes shine and the fangs and horns sprout. The attacks of his companions are visual motifs born from their own story. Saeko, the bar hostess, blows up her enemies with sparkling wine. Homeless Minamiha sows seeds on the enemy and attacks the enemy with a snowstorm of pigeons. And without missing an opportunity for humor, Nagoshi ridicules as much as scrutinizing it. Therefore, the eerie professor’s extended Pokemon riff, with injured eyes and a smooth head, asks to collect combat data of the city’s corrupt villains and shouts, “I have to send everything!” .. Therefore, the wreckage of sadness at the end of the scene where our hero lifts a bat half-buried from the mud as if it were Excalibur, just for a friend to comment on the dull truth: “Leave it to reality. Please to shatter the fantasy. “

One of the questions worth asking is how to play. Yakuza: Like a dragon??Sure, train your brain to start thinking Dragon quest The term is not a bad idea. There are buffs, items, stat effects, and strategies to squeeze into your heart, not to mention the characters that come and go from your party, each with its own tactics and movements. Beyond that, but how is the game best approached? The story spreads and spins like a spectacular one, well beyond the 40-hour mark, but I have a hard time telling the details for you.

Be careful, it’s not a deviation from the usual Yakuza The formula consists of presenting a dense plot that uncurls over hours and diluting completely with downtime.In fact, if I could tell the story Yakuza In an accurate game, when credits were rolled back, they wouldn’t have been able to fulfill their confusing obligations. The plot here is roughly performed as follows: After 18 years of stretching in the slammer, Kasuga is thrown into his old clan like garbage. Shot and left dead, he planted a counterfeit note in his pocket like a clue, woke up in Yokohama, and sank in a pile of garbage. Following the path of counterfeit money, he becomes friends with former police officers Namba, Saeko, and Adachi, and drifts upward while smelling the stench of corruption. However, after setup, the situation becomes ambiguous. Not just for us, but for the characters as well. “You don’t seem to have much of a real goal or purpose,” someone says of Kasuga’s troupe, and that line cuts into the heart of the game’s luscious charm.

“If you find something interesting that you don’t have in your plans, you need the courage to challenge yourself and go another way. It’s this moment that makes the game even more enjoyable.” That’s Minoru Nagoshi, about game development. I’m talking to Edge Magazine, but if you use “games” instead of “life,” his advice doesn’t go away. Hearing it may encourage Kasuga and his friends. This series has long enjoyed its substitutions, as corruption, murder, political plots, and betrayal are all dominated by mini-games on arcade, karaoke, dance, dating, and gambling nights with haze of drinks. I did.To Like a dragon, There is a go-kart. A business management side quest that tries to sweeten the fate of a sick confectionery company. A vocational school with multiple-choice exams to improve Kasuga’s personality. And can collection games Pac-Man, If the ghost was a garbage truck.

Therefore, the best way to experience it is to challenge yourself and take another path. In short, find something interesting that isn’t in your plan. Doing so creates a series of glittering moments that make the game more enjoyable and instills you in the structure of its fiction. Early on, on the final day of freedom before Kasuga was sentenced to imprisonment, I drifted down the street into the arcade and played for 30 minutes. Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown (Escape hidden in the escape), and arrived at a restaurant that sucked in a bowl of steamed rice. In retrospect, did I adapt to the flow of the story? Or did it put off the tough days that preceded Kasuga? Or was it just vague? no matter.Coup d’etat Yakuza: Like a dragon In Nagoshi’s way: fantasy thickening and imaginative embrace. About 20 hours later, I thought of myself. wait a minute. Why are police officers, hostesses, and homeless men detained in an adventure where a former unemployed gang is on a mission to redeem? Then it hit me: because he is a hero, they are his party, and there is a quest to be carried out. We will be similar to Kasuga, looking at the world in video game terms and not only will it be released, but in fact it will be more consistent. Leave it to fantasy to shatter reality.

Developer: Dragon is Hong Studio

the publisher: Sega

Available on: PlayStation 4 [reviewed on], Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series S / X

Release date: November 10, 2020

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