Yakuza: No dragon-like features

Yakuza: Like a dragon’s turn-based battle, it’s a turning point for the Yakuza series Bat Swing Crime Caper. I thought the game was still in a messy brawl after adding tactical punches, but according to the latest patch, the game didn’t have the important combat feature “WEAK” all this time.

This is the “weak” status icon that appears above the enemy’s head if you select the enemy’s head during combat. This is an easy way to find out if a character has the ability to attack enemies particularly strongly, which was previously lacking. Thankfully, it’s been fixed, so hovering over an enemy in combat will definitely tell you if the enemy will be beaten a bit more from a sword slash, a purse swing, or a crayfish pinch.

Come to think of it, I found it a bit strange that the enemy’s weaknesses weren’t more clearly labeled, especially when I first encountered a mysterious new villain. Expecting the “weak” icon to pop up, I cast my abilities on them. And I thought this was the way the game encouraged experimentation. No, it turned out to be just a bug.

However, this patch adds Upstart Assistance Pack 2 as a free gift. Perhaps an attempt to butter us after this icon parava, that is, free is free and I take it. Accessed from your in-game smartphone, you’ll get Namba nurse costumes, crafting materials, and other handy accessories.

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s latest patch adds a missing battle feature

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