Yakuza producer wants to bring Yakuza Kenzan / Ishin to the west as a remake

YakuzaThe growing popularity in the west has been a great business for Sega in recent years.All main lines Yakuza The title is on PC, PlayStation, Xbox platforms-or will be for Xbox Yakuza 6: Song of Life Hit the platform in March of this year – there are several Yakuza A game that Western gamers never got.

Of course, I’m talking about spin-offs while getting spin-offs for the series of zombie games, Yakuza: Dead Souls In 2012, Sega did not release some of the other spin-offs in the series.

Especially those games Yakuza Kenzan And Yakuzaishin, Not in modern Japan, but in the historic Edo period.Instead of playing as the originalYakuza, You play as a samurai, but in the samurai game genre it is increasing in games such as Ghost of Tsushima Maybe it’s time for Sega to take advantage of it.

I’m not the only one who has long thought that Sega should bring those games to the west. Yakuza Fans expect the localization of both samurai Yakuza Games for years. Its huge volume wasn’t unheard of for Sega, Yakuza Series producer Daisuke Saito recently interviewed JP Games (translated by Tojo Dojo) and said he would like to bring it to Europe and the United States. He added that if that happened, the game would be more important than a simple port.

“Personally, I would like to localize these titles for Western fans to enjoy. In my opinion, the actions of” Ishin “and” Kenzan “are some of the best in the series. is. Therefore, I would like to localize the title if I have the opportunity, “says Mr. Sato. “But they’re already seven years old, so it’s not a simple port and requires additional work to create a remake, which complicates the decision a bit.”

Not a confirmation, but I sincerely agree with one of my favorites, the remake approach. Yakuza game is Yakuzaki Wami 2.. This is not only a great story, but also a way to perfect the gameplay with the Dragon Engine series mentioned above. Yakuza 6: Song of Life – This makes the game visually appealing and fun to play.

It’s not saying the port is bad, but I’m playing through the remastered one Yakuza 3, The game is clearly dated and indicates its age.I wanted to wait for the remake of Yakuza 3 And maybe Yakuza 4 Than the port played on PS4.

Therefore, Yakuza In a samurai game featuring some of the best actions in the series, you can’t help but expect a remake of that action. I don’t know if either game will be remade, but since Kenzan is a 2008 game, it’s definitely a PS4 2014 release title in Japan, so it’s a little different, so you won’t be surprised in the end. It has been remastered as it is still a pretty cool PS4 game in the cutscene.

Ideas Yakuza Kenzan And Yakuzaishin Slowly evolving from “if” to “when” Yakuza In an interview with Rock Beans, Scott Strichart, senior localization producer for the series, confirmed that Sega Japan / America is interested in bringing the game to the west, but only a little about when it will be released, especially for new games. There is a problem Yakuza Project like Yakuza: Like a dragon Sequels and possibilities Judgment A sequel to the horizon.

“It’s literally just a matter of finding space for them on the slate. As you said, there’s the problem of supersaturation, do we stop new things to get the old ones out? Would you like to get the old one out while you’re working on it? Then tell me to buy both? ” Yakuza Said Scott Strichart, senior localization producer for the series.

“There is definitely a problem with supersaturation of the market. Unfortunately, we got there. As long as we all want to do it, we need to find time and space.”

I want to see them come out, and whenever they come out, I’m down to play more Yakuza The samurai’s spin is on.I don’t care either Yakuza: Dead Souls Remake it so that all mainline and spin-off games in the series can literally be played on current generation hardware.


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