Yakuza producer “wants to participate” in Sonic the Hedgehog’s game •

“I want to make a completely different sonic”

Daisuke Sato, the producer of Ryu’s Hong Studio, hinted that he would “want to participate” in the Sonic the Hedgehog game “at least once” in his career.

In an interview celebrating Sega’s 60th anniversary, Sato was asked what Sega IP he wanted to get the most. Given the breadth of Sega’s back catalog, that’s not an easy question, but Sato went straight to the company’s big event franchise and mascot, Sonic.

“It’s an IP I’ve never been to before. In the sense that I want to try it … well, Sonic,” said Mr. Sato (thank you, via Tojo Dodo, Nintendo Life). “After all, when I hear Sega, I think it’s Sonic. I want to get involved at least once.

“But for me, so-called sonics, well, then I wouldn’t do it as it is. I want to make a completely different sonic.”

Sadly, the interviewer didn’t ask for details on what the different Sonic would look like, but did ask for details from Daisuke Sato-he as director of the “Hidden Gem Binary Domain”. Includes his experience and his favorite moments working in the Yakuza series-check out the full interview below.

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