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When Thomas Tuchel arrived in Chelsea in January 2021, his eyebrows and curiosity grew about whether the Germans could succeed where his predecessor, club legend Frank Lampard, definitely failed. I did.

It didn’t take long, as another German coach did when Tuhel arrived in England, turning the suspect into a believer, turning Bruce into a top four finish (just), the FA Cup Final, and the Champions League victory. Led to.

But to celebrate his year at Stamford Bridge next week, the 48-year-old probably experienced his first rocky season in England, playing only one of the last seven Premier League games. We have won and are 12 points behind the leader. Manchester City played more games.

Before Tuhel blew out the candles on the anniversary cake, Stats Perform looked at his first year at Chelsea and tried to understand how successful it was and what would happen from here.

Welcome to the Premier League

Chelsea catches lightning in a bottle that Liverpool had when he hired Jurgen Klopp a few years ago when appointing Tuhel, who had been absent from work since leaving Paris Saint-Germain a month ago. It may have been.

Tuhel’s trip to England was eerily similar to Klopp’s trip, except for a stop in France. An unobtrusive career of play led to a management opportunity in the Bundesliga costume Mainz via Augsburg’s second team, followed by Borussia Dortmund.

Following “Croppo” at Gignal Iduna Park was an almost impossible task, but Tuhel did enough to catch PSG’s eyes, winning two league titles and two national cups. You have reached the 2020 Champions League final. The start of the League 1 season is bad.

Just as Klopp played against Tottenham, he started his life in a 0-0 draw with a wolf in his first Premier League match, but there are signs of improvement fairly quickly. He scored the next four wins and admitted only one goal. ..

In fact, Chelsea suffered a slightly incredible 5-2 home defeat to West Brom, who was finally demoted, after admitting only two innings to Tuhel’s undefeated start in the Premier League.

The two-on-one defeat at Aston Villa on the final day of the season meant that they were in favor of Tottenham and legitimately mandated the Spurs to beat Leicester, but they were the last eight. Recovered to win 5 of the league games.

The promising start of the 2021-22 season was led by Bruce, who won eight of the first ten games and only dropped points to title rivals Liverpool and Manchester City.

But even Mason Mount was “one of our worst,” because he won 2-1 at Watford in early December. [performances] So far with the manager, “Chelsea’s form plunged, and since then he has won only two of the nine league games, far behind the city.

The one-on-one draw at Brighton & Hove Albion on Tuesday was the 42nd league match since Tuhel arrived, with his record 23 wins, 13 draws and 6 losses.

Some of Tuhel’s numbers are surprisingly dull when compared to previous Chelsea coaches who played 42 games during the Premier League.

His 55 wins are well below Jose Mourinho (79), Antonio Conte (79) and Carlo Ancelotti (74), with Lampard (52) being the only manager at this stage to arrive at the club. Is low. Roman Abramovich acquired ownership in 2003.

He lost as many games as Conte and Ancelotti (6), but the Premier League era Chelsea manager hasn’t drawn more than 13 in Tuhel after 42 games.

Only Glenn Hoddle (49) and Gianluca Vialli (63) scored less goals in the first 42 games, so scoring was an issue, but only Mourinho (15) admitted, he. Obviously tightened things behind him, less than Tuhel’s 31 goals.

However, since the arrival of Tuhel (1.95), only Pep Guardiola (2.48) and Klopp (2.00) can boast excellent points in each Premier League match record, so the form is simply the standard of competition. It can be said that it is related to.

Press problem

Under Lampard in the first half of the 2020-21 season, Chelsea ranked 13th in the league with a high turnover, but moved up to 8th in the second half after Tuhel arrived.

So far this season, it’s not necessarily a clear tactic as it ranks fifth on the same index, behind Liverpool, City, Brighton and Southampton, but the press has improved significantly under Tuhel. I am.

With the advent of Reece James and Ben Chilwell, Tuhel was able to take advantage of three of his favorites in the back system and gain an impressive amount of involvement in the goal from the wingback, which is effective. was.

Prior to each injury earlier this season, James managed 5 goals and 7 assists in 52 games under the German on the right, and Chilwell scored 5 goals and 3 assists in 32 games from the left. Marcos Alonso has six goal involvements (G3 A3) from 41 games.

No defender has scored more than James or Chilwell (4) in the Premier League. This is especially striking for the latter, as only Liverpool duo Trent Alexander-Arnold (107) has played only 17 times in the league under Tuhel. ) And Andrew Robertson (58), Manchester United’s Luke Shaw (73) created more opportunities than James (54).

One night in Porto

What do you think about the tendency to dismiss Roman Abramovich’s director? This is the second time last year that we installed a new one in the middle of the season and won the Champions League trophy in the cabinet.

Tohel followed in the footsteps of Roberto Di Matteo in 2012, simply navigating the knockout stage and impressively passing Atletico Madrid, Porto and Real Madrid before the tactical master class passed Manchester City in the final. I gave it with -0.

It’s no wonder that despite losing 1-0 to Leicester City in the FA Cup Final, they were optimistic for the season. It seems reasonable to think that there is only one more piece to add to the puzzle.

Lukaku’s Difficulties

The reason many people chipped Chelsea to push Manchester City in the Premier League this season was largely based on the balance that Tuhel had on his team.

Experienced backlines such as Edouard Mendy’s extraordinary goalkeeper, Cesar Azpilicueta, Chiago Silva, Antonio Rudiger, almost all kinds of central midfielders, Giorginho, Engoro Cante, coaches can dream of, You can choose from Mateo Kovacic, Mount and more. Young and promising lines of attack, including Callum Hudson Odoy, Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, were supplemented by the £ 97 million man Romelu Lukaku.

Where were your weaknesses? It was in the returning Belgians, in the twist of seeing very few people coming.

To be fair to Lukaku, who scored 30 goals, 11 assists and 44 games in all of Intel’s tournaments last year, he scored four goals and three goals in the first four games. Two for his country during the first international break of the season.

But things have gotten worse since then, with Lukaku playing 10 games without goals between September and December, scoring only four goals in the last 19 games of the blues. One of them was the victory in the third round of the 5-1FA Cup. Non-league Chesterfield.

But it’s not just the lack of goals. Lukaku’s playing style doesn’t seem to fit what Tuhel is trying to achieve at all.

He has successfully played for Intel in partnership with Lautaro Martinez, but does not look like the same player in Tuhel’s system with one central striker.

After losing to Manchester City 1-0 and almost ending expectations for the title, it seemed that managers and players had filled the hatch when Lukaku re-rambusted Lukaku.

“”[Lukaku] Many balls were lost without pressure, and many balls were lost in very promising situations. He had a big chance, “the Bruce boss said after the match.

“We want to serve him, but he’s part of the team, especially in the first half of the performance, which is much better.”

Next step

It’s been almost a year since I started working, and I feel that almost positive experiences are at the crossroads for both. Chelsea definitely improved under Tuhel, but their recent shape is a concern and we are now waiting to see if it’s a blip or just a return to average. ..

If the Germans are to get things back on track, you feel the key is in Lukaku’s situation. He somehow makes the former Everton and Manchester United strikers work, or has already stated that he will not change the style of the team, or chooses another approach.

His greatest achievement and decisive performance since arriving at Stamford Bridge has been the Champions League victory, the difference in performance with Havertz, the striker and scorer of the winning goal that night, and the same last week. Lukaku’s show against the opposition was day and night.

This is one of the big decisions, but another area where Tuhel is trying to evolve the team is in Mount, the most impressive player last year.

Since the arrival of Tuhel, the 23-year-old has been involved in more goals than anyone else (22, G13 A9), and England is among the top 10 players who have recorded the most time under Tuhel. Is the only attacker in (4,025).

But Mount was mysteriously left on the bench for a trip to the city. So Tuhel explained:I thought I could make a difference with Hakim more often [Ziyech] Go to Christians as the left foot on the left [Pulisic] As a Christian arrived in the box, as on the right.

“Usually he was a bit more aggressive and runner than Mason and expected space behind the last line, not in front of the back four from the city. That was the decision.”

It was a strange decision, but it was probably a way to try to seduce a little more from Mount regarding his run.

Tuhel has already achieved many ideas at this stage, reaching the FA Cup Final, lifting the Champions League and the European Super Cup, and recently winning the FIFA Best Coach of the Year.

But if he wants to have a conversation with the manager of Mount Rushmore in Chelsea someday, maximizing the potential of his team may be as easy as increasing Mount Rushmore.

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Year of Tuhel: How have the Germans fought in Chelsea so far? Year of Tuhel: How have the Germans fought in Chelsea so far?

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