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Yotta Energy partners with Cal Solar Inc. to introduce energy storage and solar technology throughout California

The two companies will focus on integrating distributed energy solutions into commerce, utilities, and apartments when new state obligations are announced.

Since 2023, all new commercial and multi-family construction will require solar plus storage systems in California, so Yotta Energy is a leading solar and energy storage design build engineer and contractor for new commercial and multi-family construction. The trader Cal Solar Inc. We are cooperating with. The two companies will work together to deploy state-wide renewable energy solutions to meet California’s mandatory requirements.

Developers, architects and general contractors have outsourced new construction projects to Cal Solar Inc. throughout California. This is because Cal Solar Inc. has a team of in-house installers, electricians, and engineers who can update construction documents based on building design changes that occur throughout the design. And the construction stage. “Despite the pandemic, we were already experiencing an unprecedented demand for solar energy,” said Sean Neman, CEO and founder of Cal Solar Inc. Solar and storage continue to exceed industry analysts’ expectations. Yotta’s modular and distributed energy storage solutions can effectively meet the needs of our customers seeking to meet these aggressive state energy goals. “

Yotta’s energy storage system is designed for virtual power plants. That is, in addition to charging the battery from the photovoltaic (PV) system, Yotta’s energy storage system provides software control of usage time. This feature saves the user money by allowing the battery to be discharged when the electricity bill is high.

“Currently, as more policies require energy storage, the industry will adopt more innovative ways to include it in new construction, and obligations bring energy storage to the forefront and the sector. Will drive innovation, “Yotta Energy said. “This partnership provides clients with a Solar Plus storage solution as a means of meeting the latest code requirements. Cal Solar Inc because its expertise plays an integral role in enabling rapid deployment of Solar Plus storage. I am happy to be able to cooperate with. “”

The energy efficiency standards for California buildings came into force on January 1, 2023, with all new commercial and multi-family constructions including solar and energy storage, and all new home constructions with energy storage. Requires PV system. The state expects to add 280 MW of solar capacity and 400 MWh of energy storage annually, depending on these requirements.

Yotta Energy recently announced $ 13 million in funding to extend its unique modular energy storage and microgrid technology specifically designed to turn a building into a private power plant. A series A round led by WIND Ventures will include subsequent investors Doral Energy-Tech Ventures, Riverstone Ventures, and repeaters, EDP Ventures, and the SWAN Impact Network. The round brings the company’s total funding to $ 20 million. This partnership and the collaboration with Cal Solar Inc. represent an important milestone as Yotta Energy aims to advance the industry with innovative plug-and-play solar plus storage solutions.

Yotta Energy will be attending Intersolar North America, which opens on January 13, 2022 in Long Beach, California. The company will also exhibit and exhibit at booth # 1609.

About Yotta Energy

Yotta Energy is a renewable energy storage company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Yotta has developed a unique PV-Coupled ™ architecture. This is a smart energy storage solution designed to be easily scaled for rooftop solar projects. Approximately the size of a briefcase, Yotta’s patented panel-level energy storage solution fits under industry standard solar modules and integrates well with solar rack arrays. Yotta’s technology features advanced thermal management to maintain optimum operating temperature even under extreme outdoor conditions. As an integrated software and hardware solution, Yotta also helps deal with grid outages by enhancing the restoring force and reliability of the grid. Yotta’s technology can significantly reduce the total installation cost of rooftop solar plus storage compared to any other energy storage system currently available. For more information, please visit

Cal Solar Inc.about

Cal Solar Inc. is a fully integrated design, construction and maintenance contractor with over 100 in-house electricians and installers throughout California. Cal Solar Inc. also has 10 experienced professional engineers. Cal Solar Inc. designs and builds commercial, public works, and condominium projects throughout California. CalSolar Inc.’s unique approach to in-house and fully integrated construction teams ensures that projects are on budget and on schedule. Our system ensures that low-cost solar energy is supplied to businesses, utilities and housing communities. Our experienced engineers and installers, combined with post-installation system monitoring, service, and maintenance, provide a complete turnkey solution for all PV needs. For more information, please visit

Yotta Energy partners with Cal Solar Inc. to introduce energy storage and solar technology throughout California Yotta Energy partners with Cal Solar Inc. to introduce energy storage and solar technology throughout California

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