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Rafael Nadal hasn’t had the best time of his career. Former world number one, who played in just seven official tournaments in 2021, returned to the Abu Dhabi exhibition to test his feet after such a long stop. The last match the Spaniards played returned to the tournament in Washington. It was clear to everyone how difficult Mallorca was from a physical point of view.

A 35-year-old boy from Manacor arrived in the United Arab Emirates with little expectation and suffered a few defeats against Andy Murray and Denis Shapovalov. Rafa was very rusty while showing the usual gravel and seemed far from acceptable.

Not surprisingly, the 20-time Grand Slam Champion questioned his presence at the Australian Open 2022. Nadal, who returned from Abu Dhabi, discovered that he was infected with the coronavirus, as if this were not enough. At this point, he is unlikely to participate in Happy Slam.

Alex Corretcha, a guest at the Padel Awards, answered some questions about Rapha’s future.

Rafael Nadal’s Corretha

“Do you think Rafael Nadal can return to what he was before his last injury?” Corretcha was asked.

“Rapha will retire as a winner no matter what happens,” said a 47-year-old woman. He talked about what Nadal has to do in the future. “He has to evaluate how he wants to deal with what he has left,” Corretha said.

His tenacity is what the world knows, and Corretha commented on the same. “As Rafa, you always have the feeling that he still has a bullet in his room to do something great. Even if he comes from a very long injury, his You can never doubt such special people, “Corretcha said.

Following Rafael Nadal’s recent diagnosis of COVID-19, his coach Carlos Moya unfortunately tested it positive as well. “Hello everyone. I was also COVID positive. I landed in Mallorca on Sunday and had some symptoms and was antigen negative.

A few hours later, when the instrument was positive, I did a PCR and tested it positive, “Moya said, saying she was completely vaccinated and felt very good. rice field. It’s been very good for the last 24 hours, but now it’s much better without going to the hospital and I hope the worst is over. ”

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“You always have the feeling that Rafael Nadal still has …” says the expert. “You always have the feeling that Rafael Nadal still has …” says the expert.

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