You can buy a curved 1440p 165Hz Asus monitor for £ 289

The Asus Tuf Gaming VG27WQ1B is the perfect monitor for today’s sweet spots. It is 27 inches diagonal, has a resolution of 2560×1440, and has a refresh rate of 165Hz. This specification is not difficult to drive on a midrange PC and balances clarity and responsiveness. This model typically retails over £ 400, but today’s Laptop Direct sells the VG27WQ1B for £ 289. This is a pretty outstanding deal.

VG27WQ1B has a lot in common Best game monitor In today’s market. It uses a curved VA panel to provide excellent contrast and minimize the traditional drawbacks of VA panels. Poor viewing angles are handled by the curves of the screen, making both sides look almost straight. Fast pixel response time (1ms MRPT) also helps prevent motion processing artifacts that affected early VA designs. The result is a monitor that works well not only for slow, cinematic games, but also for fast, competitive fares.

Catherine didn’t have the opportunity to test the VG27WQ1B herself, Great Canadian at RTings This model is called a “feature-packed” “excellent game monitor” such as FreeSync, G-Sync compatibility, and black frame insertion (here called Extreme Low Motion Blur or ELMB). RTings also show that the monitor’s high peak brightness and reflection treatment make it ideal for bright rooms, and its deep black and excellent contrast ratio make it look great in dark environments.

For the money, you’ll have a hard time finding a monitor that offers as powerful a performance as the VG27WQ1B. This is an upgrade of a standard 2D 1080p 60Hz monitor that supports variable refresh rates on PCs with Nvidia or AMD graphics cards and has received many positive reviews online. At £ 300 or less, it sounds like a bargain.

The only real break point on this monitor is its curved screen. Some people (like me) like curves, others don’t, but most people haven’t tried curves. I think it’s well worth the trip!

What do you think of the curved screen? And what about this deal? Please let us know in the comments below.

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