You can create your own ruler with the latest patch of Crusader Kings 3

The latest update to Crusader Kings III brings back the old fan favorites of Crusader Kings II in the form of ruler designers. With this character creator, you can not only customize the look of your monarch with sliders such as age, weight, and hair, but also customize various traits and skills that help shape your playthrough.

Developer Paradox Interactive presents some of the tools you have at your disposal when sharing videos with content creator Roll1D2 and creating your own ruler. The amount of freedom is clearly emphasized, with the option to play as a man or woman, regardless of in-game culture, sexual orientation or religion.

If you decide to stack a king or queen with too many skills, your achievements will be disabled, but these can be offset against the negative traits that are deducted from the limited pool of customization points. You are free to be wild and give yourself as many benefits as you can, but creating a multifaceted character is a way to join a new grand strategy game like Crusader Kings III.

Ruler Designer is part of today’s 1.2 update and also includes a comprehensive list of fixes and improvements, including balance changes, AI and interface tweaks, and more.

You can see the entire patch notes here.

Paradox’s latest work scored 8/10 in GameSpot’s Crusader Kings III review, critic David Wildgoose said: Strategy games can tell interesting stories as the empire goes up and down, but the instructions for the steps are so influential and rarely appealing. “

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