You can now buy Jack Dorsey’s original tweets

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey shared the “irreplaceable token” of his first tweet. This gives the buyer “ownership”.

twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey We’ve made the first tweet he posted available for purchase in the form of a digitally certified proof of ownership. In a tweet posted on March 21, 2006, it says: “Just set up Twitter” Similar to the original spelling of the platform name. The ability for someone to “buy” that tweet, or other tweet or digital asset, and then “own” it, is a bit more complicated, but made possible by what is called irreplaceable. Token (NFT).

An NFT is a certificate (token) that indicates something is unique and incompatible (non-substitutable). They were popularized by artists who wanted to sell ownership of digital artwork in the same way that physical paintings were sold. The difference, of course, is that you can make any number of exact copies of your digital artwork, whereas the original picture can only be placed in one place at a time. Given that the concept of ownership is for sale in a sense, and that new owners can sell physical paintings with restrictions on what they can do with it, what is digital ownership in this way? You can see if they are similar.

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Dorsey Announcement — If it’s the fair way to characterize it — Selling NFT by simply posting a link to Online auction hosted on Valuables, Launched in December 2020, allows people to “Buy and sell autographed tweets by creators.” Information about files sold on Valuables and their owners Blockchain (distributed digital ledger) For Ethereum cryptocurrencies. At the time of this writing, Hakan Estavi (@sinaEstavi), CEO of blockchain data firm Bridge Oracle, bid on Dorsey’s tweets for up to $ 600,000. Valuables auctions have no time limit and sellers can choose when or not to accept the offer.Anyone can make an offer Tweets posted on your public Twitter account..

What do Jack Dorsey Tweet Owners Get?

Screenshot of Jack Dorsey's first tweet Valuables Auction

The person who bought “the first tweet in history” would have spent at least $ 600,000 given the current bid, but you can’t do much with it. NFTs typically do not give owners additional rights to an asset other than proof of ownership. So, for example, if Dorsey accepts Estavi’s bid, Estavi cannot instruct him to delete the tweet. Sure, you can’t sell multiple NFTs on the same item, Valuables, but there’s nothing to stop Dorsey. Create and sell another on another platformHowever, in the future it may undermine confidence in Dorsey as a seller.

As Valuables itself outlines in the FAQ, “Ownering digital content is a monetary investment that can retain sentimental value and build relationships between collectors and creators.” In short, they may simply be cool to own, or they are often the purchase of physical artwork, but may be sold for profit (or loss) in the future. It can be an investment. It raises questions for investors as to whether their investment in digital artwork can withstand and how NFT can withstand it.

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You can now buy Jack Dorsey’s original tweets

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