You can now play as God of War Kratos on Fortnite

After official Fortnite-themed bullying Playstation twitter Last week’s account finally announced the God of War Ratoskin, a battle royale game. Go to the Fortnite Item Shop and you’ll receive Kratos skins, Guardian Shield gliders, Mimir back bling, and Leviathan Ax pickaxes for 2,200 V-Bucks.

Season 5 of Fortnite started just a few days ago and includes new map locations, Mandalorian characters such as the adorable baby Yoda, and a whole new story arc. In this arc, Agent Johnny is looking for new heroes in various realities, hoping to prevent the island from getting into turmoil. Kratos is the first hero he has found and it will be interesting to see who Agent Johnny pulls out of the reality he is looking for.

December is becoming a big month for the title, especially as we continue to add new hero skins in the coming weeks, as Fortnite reached an all-time high number of simultaneous players during the end-of-season galactus event.

See the full Kratos skin launch trailer below.

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