You can now use your existing Spider-Man PS4 saves on your PS5 remaster

Sheriff Sayed, Monday, November 23, 2020, 10:22 GMT

The long-awaited save transfer patch for Spider-Man is here.

Insomniac Games has fulfilled its promise to allow Spider-Man Remaster PS5 players will use existing saves from the original PS4 game.

Both the PS4 Spider-Man and the PS5 Spider-Man Remastered received updates on Sunday, enabling save exports, bringing in some fixes and some new content.

How to export Spider-Man PS4 saves to Spider-Man Remastered PS5

Patch 1.19 You need to install it on your PS4 version first. In addition to adding save and export capabilities, we’re also adding three new suits that debuted on the PS5 remaster. They are Armored Advanced Suits, Arachnid Rider Suits and Amazing Suits.

After installing the patch, the menu will give you the option to export the save. This step must be performed before Spider-Man Remastered can view the PS5 save files. Existing cloud saves will not work.

Patch 1.001On the other hand, the function to import save data to PS5 remaster has been added. It also fixes a rest mode bug and improves the quality and performance of raytraced reflections.

If you lose access to your PS4, you can do the export by downloading the PS4 version to your PS5 via backward compatibility, but you may need to restart your PS5 after installing the patch. James Stephenson, Community Director of Insomnia..

Spider-Man Remastered is only available as part of the Ultimate Edition of Miles Morales and is currently not available separately. Remaster brings updated assets, including ray tracing support, and offers a separate 60fps performance mode.

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It is now possible to use your existing Spider-Man PS4 save with the PS5 remaster

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